A Good Day Consignment Shopping

April 06, 2013
This photo was taken this afternoon at my house.  The temperatures have been so cold that our snow cover is taking forever to melt.

And, it has been snowing very lightly on and off all day.  I'm hoping for the best!

The Tattered Angel, a local craft and antique consignment shop was having a little clearance sale in the entrance of the store this morning.

I snagged a couple of very neat items.

First this Penn Air vintage electric toaster that was originally priced at $40 and on clearance for $5.

I found this photo and info on Pinterest.

"The Penn-air Toaster from Philadelphia This toaster has an aluminum body and it was originated at the north end of the Philadelphia air field by the Pennsylvania Aircraft Works, Inc. After World War II, aircraft aluminum was plentiful and available at surplus prices. This Penn-air is the original version with a three circle design on the face. By 1948, a company had been spun off into the Delta Manufacturing Corporation to manufacture this toaster under the Delta brand name."

I found two completed auctions on ebay on this toaster.  The winning bids were $42 and $65.
 I also found this old wringer.  

It was originally $21.95 for $8.00.  I think it was a very good buy.

A gloomy, snowy Saturday turned out okay after all!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I think I'll jump in my car and drive up there for those kinds of deals. That toaster is very cool.

  2. Great finds and super treasures. I love the toaster and the wringer. I remember my mom using one of those wringers when I was really little. Unreal amount of work. Hugs, Marty

  3. Good Grief!! I can't beleive all the snow you have. I have to show Joe so he will stop whining about not having any Spring weather!! LOL!!

    Great Finds!!


  4. UGH on all that snow in April. Cool antique finds...what are you going to do with them, keep them or sell them on eBay?

  5. You really did get good deals. Old toasters are usually around
    $40. Way to go!

  6. Great finds. Love the wringer. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  7. Great finds!!
    Hope your snow melts away soon. The snow we had is finally all gone, but they are calling for rain everyday for the next week. Just hoping we don't float away!

  8. Can't believe all that snow! It's definitely spring here. Bluebonnets, pink butter cups, yellow mustard, and many other wild flowers are spreading across open field. Wish I could send you some warmer weather.

  9. Hey Carlene,
    At least you can know we still have snow too.
    This has always been my least favorite time of year for blogging.
    South of us is bursting with color and green and we just want our snow to melt.
    It's got to happen eventually.
    I think that old wringer is very cool indeed!

  10. Hi Carlene, sorry I haven't been by all week. I'm going to try and catch up on my reading here for a bit. Loved these finds to pieces. That toaster is the bomb! Amazing find. Thanks for sharing it. It sure has some vintage appeal.

  11. I love that wringer! How wonderful to find a sale like this. I would die if I looked out and saw that much snow this late in the year. I have not seen one flake this year.

  12. Carleen,
    Are you kidding??? $8.00 for that wringer???

    I've been searching forever for one I could afford.
    Even the $22 was a great piece.
    You lucky girl
    lots of great finds


  13. No snow will stop you to getting some good deals on some cute collectibles. I think that wringer would look so cute in the laundry room and I love the toaster too.


  14. Looking a lot like home with that snow! are you us or canada?

    Hoping for spring ? ahh, having to make it happen indoors at the moment!

  15. Talk about bargains! You found them. Did you see in my post about the buses that one of the bus owners had rigged a vintage toaster to use as a cell phone charger? He didn't tell me exactly how he did it, but he said he pushes his phone into the toast slot and it charges! laurie

  16. My grandmother had a wringer washer for ages. It was not THAT old...it was a ( according to my memory as a young child ) white appliance with red accents on it.

    I think that she used it for most of the time that I was growing up and of course, as a child, I never paid attention to the difference between it and the newer model of washing machine that my mom had.

  17. Love that wringer especially, probably because I really like old wood. :-) Great find!

  18. P.S. I'm following you via GFC. Hope you'll stop in sometime. :-)


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