The Wedding

February 08, 2013
She's here!

My ebay purchase of this head vase was featured in Head Hunting.

Here she is starring in her very first vignette at Organized Clutter.

I love to stage my head vases.  Since my new gal is blonde and dressed in white with gold trim, I opted to make her a bride.  I gathered a little white tulle for a veil.

With an idea in my head to make my new head vase a bride, I headed to the consignment shops.  Would you believe that I found a Danielle Steele "The Wedding" in hard cover for $1?

Also in my "Wedding" vignette are Godiva, France champagne flutes with Dollar Tree ribbon.

My Bavaria gold tea cup and saucer, pearls and also vintage wedding bands of mine, from relatives.

I hope by the time I am stop blogging you all will be head vase collectors or at least fans.  They are very fun!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

I'm joining Brenda for Tweak It Tuesday.

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Oh wow! That all came together beautifully Carlene! Must have been meant to be finding that book!

  2. Carlene you really are the queen of vignettes. I love how this one came out!
    hugs, Linda

  3. She's a beauty! I love wedding things. I've never thought to do a vignette like that. Once again!

  4. You're turning me into a head fan! That one is very fancy. Love the veil you added.

  5. I'm already a fan! Your wedding Miss is so beautiful in your vignette.
    I found a small 3 inch head vase among my Mother's belongings that was my Aunts. It's a cheap one, but I love it because they both displayed it and when I look at it I'll think of them both.
    I'm hoping this is just the beginning of a collection!

  6. That's perfect! Your newest head vase is so pretty!

  7. She is a beauty in pearls. I love weddings.

  8. She is just gorgeous Carlene! As is the vignette she stars in! Someday I will have a head vase too :-)

  9. Carlene, I had never heard of head vases until a couple years ago. I went to a quilt retreat at a friends house and she had a collection. Her MIL had passed away and her husband was an only child. She got alot of awesome stuff. I was amazed at how much they cost. You are so creative with your vignettes. Congrats are in store again. You are becoming quite famous girly!

  10. You've made me a fan for sure, but collecting is slow going. None will pop up out of the blue for me to snag for little to nothing. Until the do, I guess I will remain a fan from afar. She's a beauty!

  11. You've got the perfect set up for a bridal shower! Tuck that idea away for the next shower you host.

    Your newest lady is quite lovely!

  12. She still looks so much like Marilyn it would of been funny if you put a teeny tiny Kennedy trinket in the vignette. Well, funny to me.


  13. Carlene, I never knew that head vases existed until I started seeing them appear on your blog. I think this one is the best one of all, so far. You are so creative to use her in a vignette instead of just putting her on a shelf where she might not be noticed. Since I learned about the vases, I have spotted a few but they were very expensive. It is fun finding one even if I don't intend to buy it because I always think of you and your collection.

  14. Fabulous finds - I forgot all about head vases! I think my Mom used to have one and now I wish I had it! Also love all the other finds - especially the vintage metal Mary statue! Very jealous!

  15. I love your bride, Carlene! What a cute vignette, too.

  16. I have a head vase from my husband's grandmother. I love to fill it with Azaleas in the spring - although this year, they are blooming now in February!


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