Signs and Soul Searching

February 14, 2013
I tell you my friends this has been a tough week for me here at Organized Clutter.  

I first got a virus on my laptop.  I tried and tried to get rid of it.  I know many of you would probably hire a professional.  Hiring a professional would cost money and lead to a good deal of crap from my husband about blogging ruining our computer.  I think I may have mentioned that he thinks that blogging is a huge waste of time.  

Anyway, the laptop is from 2009, an old one of my daughter's.  She took the newest one to college.  I did splurge last year and buy myself an ipad but otherwise I have outdated hardware.  

I am proud of the fact that after my old laptop crashed, I was able to re-install the operating system and get the computer up and running again, even though I hate all this technology.  

What do I like about blogging?  The creating and the decorating.  I have a higher end point and shoot Canon but I know my indoor photography is still not very good.  I was lucky enough to have my very first submission to Dwellinggawker accepted only to have 5 rejected photo submissions in a row since then, due to poor photo quality.  I really dread the idea of learning a new camera.  I want to "point and shoot".  

Not only do I decorate on a budget, I blog on a budget.  No fancy bells and whistles, no granite countertops, no spa bathrooms, no vaulted ceilings, just average photos of a 1950's rambler decorated in a collected vintage style surrounded by annuals, perenniels and some tastefully placed junk.

So you might never see me in a magazine photo shoot or even in Dwellinggawker again, but if you like to follow misadventures in decorating with vintage collections and flower gardens dotted with junk, you might want to check in with me from time to time.

Enough of the soul searching and pity party part of this post...

Early on in my blogging career, I posted photos of what you might call my sign collection.  I don't have them displayed all together, but scattered around my house.  I have two friends that are sign painters, and I love signs.  If you missed my sign collection, here it is.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign!

I must have heard that tune "Signs" by the Five Man Electric Band from 1971 a few too many times!

I was going to do a post featuring my "signs" (one of my favorite things), and I really didn't realize how many signs I had, until I started photographing them. It's a collection! And, this is just my inside collection. I have a sizeable collection of outdoor and gardening signs too.

I like to display them on doors, over doors, and tuck them in among my wall displays. Luckily, I have a talented sign painter friend I have known since grade school, that can make me any sign my heart desires. Thanks, Deb, of the Tattered Angel, you will recognize many of these signs.

This sign is now down at our cabin, but it used to hang in our den.

This sign is a Jeff Foxworthy quote.  I love it.


This group does not include my HOLIDAY signs either, so there are more.

I hope you enjoyed "Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign"!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I'm glad to see you're up and running, Carlene! I published a "sign" post in the beginning of my blog accompanied by that very same song when I still had a Playlist on my blog! Now I'll be humming that catchy tune all day. :)

    I love the Fiesta and Ball jar signs!

  2. Sorry about your laptop. That's never fun. Love all your signs. I've been wanting to make a couple and you may have motivated me to start working on them.

  3. Holy smokes girl! You do have a lot of signs! Thanks for sticking that song in my head so early in the morning! I don't have a fancy house either Carlene, and it doesn't matter one bit! I love your down to earth style! I totally suck at photos!

  4. is never fun when you get a virus on your computer. Love your signs!!
    I don't live in a fancy house either...just a1956 tri-level that I love.
    And I love your vintage style!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the signs Carlene.. I appreciate it so much!

  6. So sorry to hear you caught a 'bug'. No fun at all. Hoping things are running smoothly for you now. Great signs -- my fav' is the Beware of Unruly Dogs. hee hee

  7. My hubby thinks I get alot of viruses from blogging, and I probably do. I have a son that is disabled but you can give him a dead computer and he can make it work.
    You are alot like me.....nothing fancy ....point and shoot, a 60's/70's house......we have the same kind of bathrooms, and etc.
    But, it is all good, right.

  8. Carlene so glad you got your computer up and running. I just lost so many photos that I could cry, but it wouldn't do any good. I just have to back up more often. Oh well! Love all your signs and envy that you have a friend who does signs for you!

  9. Carlene, apparently I'm way behind on my blog reading. I didn't realize I had missed so many posts since Hey Girl. Well, I love this post. Your signs are so fun. Glad you are back up and running. I've had my computer go down for good twice during really huge video projects that I had spent like 100 hours on. Once spent $1,000 to get my data back and was really only able to rescue a smiggen of it. Heartwrenching. Backing up is crucial. With that said, I suppose since I'm behind on that, I should get on it before I am the one offline and out of luck.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas


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