A Christmas Pew

December 02, 2012
Do you ever buy yourself a little Christmas gift? One that no one else would ever buy for you. I did that last week.

I bought myself a pew. It was already painted red.

I set it right outside my front door on the covered patio.

I think it looks like a Christmas pew.

This lunch box I purchased at an estate sale has really come in handy. (I actually bought two last summer but one I planted flowers in and set it on my garden stepladder.)

I also put up a winter sign with two vintage ice fishing dippers.

I set an alpine tree and a little country wooden tree outside.

One tree is on a minnow bucket insert that is atop an old crate, and one is on a milk can.

I hung my recently purchased Victorian skates too.

I plan to set my pew in the house after I re-paint it. I love red, but I am going to tone it down some.

For this year, it will be my Christmas pew.

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  1. It's adorable as a Christmas bench! Kinda nice that it came red for Christmas..then when the season is over you will be able to make it over with some fabulous new color. Looking forward to seeing it redone too! Nice Christmas porch :)

  2. How awesome is that pew! It looks great with your Christmas porch decor!

  3. What a great gift to yourself! Love the pew and it's perfect with your porch vignette!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Now this is just the cutest thing, and I love that it was already painted red. Such a nice entry way. xo

  5. I love your pew, I bought myself one about 12 years ago at The Longest Mile Yard sale. It fell about about 2 years ago, don't have a covered porch. Love the color red an this pew just pops. Love your rustic, warm an cozy vignette. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best.

  6. I adore the red pew and it is perfect on your porch :-)

  7. LOVE your red pew, Carlene! I often buy my own gifts. Works better that way. :-)
    Mary Alice

  8. I love love love your Christmas pew.
    And, the SNOW sign on it. Did u make it? Love your Christmas Porch.

  9. your vignette is beautiful, I love the red of that pew, its a beautiful color!

  10. Oh my gosh Carlene...I'm envious! What a great find and what fun thing to decorate with, on and around!! (I'm still loving those skates too!)

  11. Love your red Christmas pew!! Your porch looks great!!

  12. Oh Carlene I have always wanted a pew. The red is fab for Christmas. Love your fun sign and the creative way you've displayed the trees.

  13. Love the red Pew. Perfect touch to your awesome Porch! I enjoyed it all.

  14. I'm always sure to learn something new when I stop here, Carlene. I had no idea those scoopers were for ice fishing! Your pew looks like a nice place to sit and lace up those ice skates!

  15. Your porch is perfect! The red pew is wonderful. I like the way you're letting it shine through!

  16. Hi Carlene!
    I absolutely love your front porch! It puts me in the Christmas spirit. I have always had hankering for a church pew and...Oh, just look at that luscious RED. It is my very favorite color!
    I'm so gld you shared. I love all the sweet signs and darling Christmas trees.
    Have a happy week, my friend,
    Carolynn xxx

  17. Carlene,
    Your pew is amazing. You find the neatest things, and incorporate them so well into your decor! Love it!

  18. Love this pew and the color.


  19. Oh that pew is dreamy! And the whole area is so welcoming - thanks for sharing! Take care, Laura

  20. `That pew is so pretty! I really like it and all your other decor!
    So homey.


  21. LOVE your new/old church pew!!! I've always wanted one, but just haven't found the right one...yet! Your other decorations are looking great too!!

  22. Hi Carlene! OH, I adore your Christmas pew! It looks perfect sitting on your porch and all the other sweet things you've added to your porch! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Carlene,
    LOVE your new pew, and how wonderful it came already painted red! And where did you find that snowflakes sign? It is fabulous sitting on that bench! I have an old church pew that sits in our hallway. I've had it since the 1980s. It has been inside houses and on porches, and I could never, ever part with it. You will probably feel the same about yours!

  24. Oh I want that pew, Carlene
    ! It is so pretty and it is perfect where you placed it. Is it originally red?...Christine

  25. I love the pew you found! Yes, sometimes I do find a gift for myself. I'll hand it over to DH and ask him to wrap it along with whatever else he got for me.

  26. What an inviting Christmastime porch! Carlene, I love your new pew, and I love the way you've decorated the porch. I don't think I've ever seen any Victorian ice skates. Those are awesome, and I love the plaid ties in them. laurie

  27. I would have bought myself a gift like that too. Your whole porch area is the cutest! I am a huge fan of everything you've done out there. The Snowflakes sign and the snowflake wreath with the lunch box is just too cute. Then along with all those other goodies by the door, it's just so fun and festive!

  28. I love your decorating style and just "liked" you on Facebook so I don't miss anything! Love that red pew! We have a large church pew at our cottage that we enjoy too.


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