Painting a Thrifted Snow Village

November 18, 2012
All of the buildings in my snow village were purchased at a consignment, thrift shop for $3-$4 each. They are almost all made by different manufacturer's.

I found and re-painted several of them last year. The bakery and the fabric shop will get the white treatment today.

It is actually warm enough in northern Minnesota to spray paint outside!

I used a white satin spray paint by Rustoleum. I sprayed each side twice and then set them upright for the last all over spray.

Now the buildings are back in the house on newspaper. I now dipped my finger in Aleene's Tacky Glue and rubbed it on the roofs and any areas where I wanted snow to collect. I sprinkled the glued areas with mica snow.

Remember my coral tiled vintage bathroom? Last year a friend of mine that owns Snowman Hill in Duluth, Minnesota gave me this painted snow village idea.

I was telling her that I never decorated my long vanity in my bathroom because Christmas just didn't work in there.

I don't plug them in. I hate all the cords, but I did find that very flat flameless candles would fit up in the bulb hole and give off a fair amount of flickering light through the window holes. Of course the candles are packed away with the rest of my Christmas decor so I can't show you.

Isn't it hard to believe the lighthouse looked like this before?

I still like my little white snow village, and it didn't cost me very much!


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  1. Cute idea to make those kinda 'ugly' villages sparkle! Hugs, Linda

  2. They look beautiful. I did this with some house I bought from the Dollar Tree.

  3. Can you believe the weather?! You picked the perfect day to spray paint outside. Your white houses look pretty against your bathroom tile.

  4. What a good idea. I made such a difference. I love them.

  5. Hi Carlene! OH, what a darling idea! You made your little villages really become a set by painting them. They look wonderful.
    Thanks you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I love it! Idid a church a few years ago in pink, lol, it was cute, but I totally love the whole village in white!

  7. Hi Carlene,
    I am doing something very similar to some wee houses. I'm like you, I like the houses all white. Yours are very cute! Have a wonderful new week and Happy Thanksgiving!


  8. So pretty! I love this update. The tree looks great too!

  9. Carlene, that is so pretty. I would never have thought to paint the pieces white. They look great in the coral bathroom. laurie

  10. Totally love this idea - simple and sparkly - perfect! Take care, Laura

  11. Very cute Carlene. I have one of those little houses somewhere around my house too. Thanks for sharing with the party.

  12. How much more elegant they look in white! I love them and I'm going to look for some at after Christmas sales this year. I have got to look into that mica much better than glitter!

  13. Carlene, I love the way you fixed up your houses! The white with the glitter roofs look very pretty and Christmasy. I'm not blogging but wanted to stop by to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!! I am thankful to have "met" such a sweet blogging friend.----- Shannon

  14. Carlene, this is just genius! I have a few of these houses and I've never thought to spray paint them white. You always have the best ideas!

  15. Yet another great idea! Do you ever sleep? lol
    I'm a little tired of the painted houses myself, and wasn't planning to get mine out this year--til I saw yours! We should call your blog, "Inspiration Central"!

  16. So cute and I love them in the bathroom!! Your creative streak continues!

  17. Carlene, This is a great idea for a Christmas village. I love the sprinkles on top!
    Mary Alice

  18. I always love your ideas & I'm sure I'm in the minority but I can't for a second imagine painting my house collection.Many were purchased at Christmas by my children with their saved allowance.Yes,it's alot of work setting up an entire village every year but it's so worth it as my now grown children remember each & every house.

  19. Very cute! I see these little inexpensive collections all the time at Goodwill. I'm going to think of you next time! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  20. OMGosh, Carlene...these are ADORABLE. I can't believe I have passed so many cute things like this up because I didn't like their colors. I can't WAIT to go thrifting and see if I can find some of these for my Christmas mantel this year.
    I LOVE yours.....
    When I find some and get them painted, I'll do a post and tell how you inspired me with your beauties here. :)
    I'm excited....:)
    O, and thanks for telling how you did them.
    xo bj

  21. Going back over your instructions, I have to ask ...what is MICA snow and can I get it at a craft store or Walmart or somewhere like that?


  23. I have a number of the lighted village pieces too. I also have some non-lighted cottages that I received as gifts through the years. I should paint them. I've never liked the colors on those. I still like my lighted ones. I don't think I could paint mine. Yours sure look cute, though, and I think it's easier to paint things if you get them at a thrift store or yard sale than if you have collected them through the years and they've become part of your tradition. I bet Christmas at your house will be quite the well-decorated shindig!

  24. So darn cute all white and snowy, I love them.


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