Consignment Shopping

November 16, 2012
I haven't done a consignment or thrifting post for a long time.

I did not get these for a steal, but they are Victorian Era brown leather ladies' skates. I liked the buckle.  I see white skates everywhere, so I wanted something different!  I added a "Christmasy" red plaid ribbon.

This white and gold Old World Santa was $5.

Turkey cookie cutter 25 cents.

Set of four Santa mugs $3.  They are unmarked but I would guess that they were made in Japan as the handles are cold paint.

A vintage star design colander for $1.

Something I seldom do is purchase cups without saucers, but I did purchase two Wm Adams and Sons Winter Scene cups for $1 each.

A box of pretty glass balls for $1.

A box of decoupage rose ornaments for $2.

And last but not least, a family of black iron shoe forms for $8.  The little one is so cute.

I purchased one other very special item that I will show you next week.  It's so special that it can be in a post all by itself!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special
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  1. I love the star colander and the shoe forms Carlene.

  2. Lots of great finds! My heart is all pitty patter for the colander!! :)

  3. if your other item is better than these it must be something wonderful!Wish we had a thrift store like yours!

  4. do some good shopping girl! I never find that kind of awesomeness! I love those little tea cups with their winter skating scene.

  5. Such great finds. Love the brown skates with the plaid ribbon.Can't wait to see what the really special thing is.

  6. What great stuff! I love those skates and how clever were you to put a plaid ribbon through the simply amaze me with your great ideas! I have been looking for a turkey cookie cutter and there you go....we don't have neat stuff like that down here or so it seems to me. I also adore that teacup....I would love a whole set of that design! Congrats on a job well done!

  7. What fun treasures! Love the uniques skates. I have black, and white adult ones and a darling childs black pair that say "Lake Placid" on them. I have never seen any like yours. I also love the two teacups.

  8. My husband was cleaning out the garage a couple weeks ago. I got there just in time to rescue his old skates! They are exactly what I have been wanting. I will hang them from a sled outside as a Christmas/winter decoration.

  9. I bought cream colored skates just like yours a few years ago for my daughter. She uses them to decorate at Christmas, too. I've also got the same colander. Yes, I do believe great minds think alike. :@

  10. Good finds Carlene. I saw a pair of ice skates at a sale, not as old as yours but old, but they wanted $45 and I thought I didn't want to pay that much, but now I wish I had. Such a great Christmas decoration..Happy Weekend..Judy

  11. I have a metal, olden colander but not sure what's on the bottom...gotta go ck it out.:)

    You got some awesome stuff on this trip...and those ice skates are to die for. I bought some last yr at Goodwill but they are white...hey, I just might dye them black and add a pretty ribbon, too. :) No cute buckle, tho. :(


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