Nostalgia Day 6: Cracker Jack Charms

October 06, 2012

When my blog was in its infancy, I wrote a short post on a small vintage collection of Cracker Jack and gumball charms that own. Since it was on topic for nostalgia, I am reposting it in my 31 day series.

How many of you remember these old charms? I don't have a lot, but I have a few I keep in an old tin. A collection that doesn't take up much room, but brings me back to my childhood.

Let's take a look at my plastic charms:

Copper banjo

Shamrock girl

Copper drum
Green trumpet
Copper gun
Copper devil?
Blue panther or tiger?
Red and white rocket
Copper Saxophone
White Sea Serpent or Loch Ness Monster
Copper trumpet
Copper violin
White ray gun

There they are, Cracker Jack/Gumball Charms, long before the Happy Meal! Do you remember any of these old charms?

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  1. I have two that my father gave me and I treasure is of the cracker jack guy and the other is a baseball mitt...thanks for the memories.

  2. oh gosh, I remember when you actually got something good in a Cracker Jacks box ! One of my older cousins had hundreds of wonderful charms. I might have one or two if I dig for them :)

  3. I remember the charms....not necessarily those, but I remember them. You know, I didn't get alot of CJ when I was young...
    That is a fun collection though. Somewhere in blogland...there is a lady who collects the rings and things from the old vending machines....I should have wrote that down!

  4. I didn't think I remembered, but when I saw the green trumpet it came back to me! So fun :-)

  5. How fun are these small treasures! I think it's great that you still have them :) Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Carlene these are very cool. I don't have any charms but always loved my Cracker Jacks! Great collection
    hugs, Linda

  7. My grandfather owned a Bait Shop and he had two gumball machines in his store. We used to love getting the trinkets that were inside. At one time we had a whole box of them. Don't know what happened to them but I can still remember how excited we would get when the trinket came out instead of a gumball!

  8. Yes, yes I do remember them. I do not have any. Amazing that you do Carlene. xo, Olive

  9. I wish I had kept those, but I didn't. I think they are alot more endearing than Happy Meal treats that are made by the millions. You should make a bracelet out of them. Thanks for sharing a memory.


  10. They are so charming. Nowadays could you see them putting the guns in there?

  11. Wow! Cracker Jack and a prize - such wonderful memories.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. The little Shamrock girl is adorable. I can still remember unwrapping the Cracker Jack prizes, but I didn't save any.

  13. Oh yes...I do remember these...but I don't have any:(


  14. Oh, you have touched my heart with this post! My father has always had a crudely framed collection of these. That is what I asked for when he said for each of us girls to pick one thing that he would specify in his will. I remember looking at them for hours.
    He died in 2004 and I have all those charms. Love them!

  15. I didn't like Cracker Jacks, but my brother did--so I'd give him my box but I kept the charms. I have no idea where they are now. So glad you kept yours!

  16. I love tiny collections! I seem to remember having a tiny pistol charm but its fuzzy to me.

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE. What a neat collection and the memories must be so wonderful!

  18. Oh Yes, Back in the day when the CJ charms were real treats. Wish I had kept some of those. laurie

  19. I don't have many things from my childhood...but I do have a few of these charms in a jar! I treasure them!

  20. Charlene, you have a great collection of these little treasures. This does take me back to my childhood. Have no idea what happened to my pieces. Wish I knew.......Sarah

  21. Man, if I still had any of my junk drawers from childhood, I would be in business. I used to have stuff like this and am always amazed that there are any that have made it through the years. My mom was always making me clean out my junk drawers. A crying shame now. I used to have all kinds of such treasures and remember well the joy of a cracker jack charm. Glad you saved yours. That's very cool. My friend and her husband bought a whole bunch at a flea market and made a cool bracelet with them for their grown daughter. It was thick with charms. You'd have loved it!

  22. Oh wow, I'd forgotten all about these. I wish we still had some of ours... teeny little snippets of childhood. :)

  23. Your Shamrock Girl is a Cracker Jack prize from the 1950's. It was one of twelve different in a series of children from around the world. The complete set can be seen at the url below.

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