Nostalgia Day 10: Big Little Books

October 10, 2012
Who remembers Big Little Books?

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: The Fabulous Diamond Fountain by Carl Fallberg.  #5758, Copyright 1967, 39 cents.  Soft cover.

The term Big Little Books originated in 1932 to describe certain books being published by Whitman Publishing Company that offered a great amount of reading material and Big reading pleasure in a Little compact book.

Most Big Little Books were 3 5/8" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2" in size and 432 pages in length.

The Golden Age of Big Little Books was 1932- mid 1938, the Silver Age mid 1938-1949, and the Modern Age 1950-present.

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse:  Adventures in Outer Space by George E. Davie.  #5750, Copyright 1968, 39 cents.  Soft Cover.

I don't have a large collection of big little books, just three from the 1960's.

The Lone Ranger:  Outwits Crazy Cougar by George S. Elrick.  #2013, Copyright 1968, 39 cents.  Hard Cover.

Yep, after a playing marbles outdoors, a 1960's kid could go inside and read a Big Little Book.  

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  1. I think I have a few of those!!! I have all my books from my childhood squirreled away here. Most are the Little Golden Books, but I have a few chunkier ones. Your Mickey In Outer Space looks fun. They probably run into some Martians.

  2. I'm enjoying your nostalgia series - lots of good memories here!!! Sally

  3. Yes! I loved my big little books. We had some. I think we had both the Donald Duck and the Mickey Mouse one you showed. We also had one about the Tazmanian devil. At a flea market a couple years back a guy was selling a few, but he wanted too much as far as I was concerned at the time so I didn't buy one. Plus I do believe I still have one or two up in the closet in my daughter's room. There was always so much drama in those. That's what I remember most, being so worried about the characters because they were always about to be caught by some evil force or something. I got so caught up in the stories. Ha!

  4. I don't think I had the big little books but I had a huge stack of the Golden Books. I gave them to my younger cousin but wish I had them now. I am enjoying your things from your past. The post about your uncle was sweet.---

  5. Great collection Carlene. I DO remember them...with love!

  6. I don't really remember big little books. I did have Golden Books and loved them. Great collection!
    Hugs, Linda

  7. I don't remember these....that's a bit strange. Maybe they were between my childhood and my kids.

  8. Hi Carlene, love your big Golden books. I do remember them. I'm sure that we had a few but don't know where they ended up. Thanks for sharing yours with SYC.


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