A Lamp Shade Cloche

October 19, 2012
Did you see the lamp shade cloche featured at Marty's party from Treasures From the Heart?

I loved it.

While having my coffee this morning, I remembered that I had an old lamp shade in the closet.

It was in really good condition but I haven't used it for almost 10 years, and it's a little too fancy with the fringe.

In no time I had the shade looking like this. But...the next step, getting the cloth off of the wires was a lot tougher. I soaked the shade skeleton, I tried a scissors (when I couldn't find my seam ripper) and after about 2 hours of grunt work, it looked like this.

It still has a little glue residue that was really tough to get off even with soaking and Goo Gone. I then broke the middle bulb holder part out of the shade skeleton. This was pretty easy too.

Now to try it out. I placed a couple vintage, metal Chinese checkerboards, a toy iron, top and a jar of marbles under my new lamp shade cloche.

What do you think? Was this shade too squatty? Should I paint it? I may keep tweaking here a bit.

I did add antique the wires a little in the next photo to give the cloche a little age.

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  1. Not too squatty at all. It looks great. Love the metal toys underneath it.

  2. It looks cute with the vintage toys tucked inside. I like the last photos where you antiqued the wire. You could always leave it outside over the winter and it will probably have a nice rusty finish by spring. And the birds would love to help out, too!

  3. I was going to say what Vickie said about letting it weather. It needs to oxidize a bit and get some patina. It has a wonderful curvy shape.

  4. Carlene, I have that same lamp shade and I don't use it anymore. I hate to take it apart in case some day I'd regret doing it. I do like how yours looks, you did a great job.

  5. Hi Carlene. That is a really good and unusual idea and I think yours looks just great. I have made a few of those lampshades and have taken the old ones apart. I feel for you. I know how hard it is to do..Happy Friday..Judy

  6. What a great lamp shade cloche...love it with the toys under it!! I will be looking at old lampshades in a different way now.

  7. That is a great shade!
    I actually have one just like it.

    If it were me....I would have left it at the stage with fabric still partly on wire. I think that looked great!

    But, since you are already past that, just take a look at my email to you for some other ideas.

    Very cute...and oh.
    Thanks for the link to my place.
    You are a sweetie. =)


  8. It's not squatty. I would either leave it or age it. I personally wouldn't spray paint. I love the vintage toys

  9. Great idea Carlene, and so creative. Love the one with the book,and bird's nest..and bird.

  10. Well, stupid me! I just realized the first one wasn't yours. That's what I get from commenting when it's past my bed time. Great job with the toys. I like the Chinese checker boards. No, I don't think it's too squatty. It looks good from this angle.

  11. Carlene! This blew me away! I absolutely love it! I'm willing to bet you'll see on on my blog sometime soon! Just my style--and I have lots of old lamp shades! Was about to give them to Goodwill! Love it!

  12. The toys are a great combo of timeless classics. Love the idea of the lampshade cloche. It is adorable.


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