What's a Vintage Girl to Drive?

August 12, 2012
To be an authentically vintage gal, I guess I should be driving a car with collector plates, but my husband and I are not into restorations, and I really love air conditioning and air bags. Soooo this is what I drive!

A Chrysler PT Cruiser! AND IT'S GETTING TO BE VINTAGE! It's a 2002. I am the original owner, and it has 58,000 miles on it.

The PT Cruiser was designed with the look of the 1930's street rods. To me, the PT Cruiser does have a vintage look, and heaven knows, I HAD to have one when they first came out.

This is the interior:

I have never been sorry that I bought one! They were a fad! They were fun! I haven't had a speck of trouble with mine. And best of all, I still love it!

Did any of you own a PT Cruiser?

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Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I own a 2007 Cruiser.....white...and I love my car, too. Very reliable, comfortable and practical. I've even carried bales of hay in nine. LOL...My daughter says "It looks just like you(style)!" LOVE MINE.

  2. Wow, only 58k miles?! You must not drive a lot! The car is in nice shape. I respect people who take good care of their cars.

    Have a great day!


  3. In 2000, my daughter's boyfriend at the time had one...he let me drive it....I loved it!!

  4. I don't own one, but I whenever I see one, I think of old old movies, where at any moment the car doors will fly open and you will see men wearing spats stepping out! xo

  5. I don't own one, but they are so neat! Have fun driving it, and don't let the car "hear" you bragging on it. I always say if your car "hears" you brag on it, that's when it starts giving you trouble. Somehow, cars just know...LOL just kidding.

  6. No but i drive a VW Bug....it's kinda vintage too. Love Cruisers as well. I would love to have an old truck that has been restored.

  7. No PT cruiser for me even though I wanted one! I drive a Mercury Sable, 2002, with 74,000 miles on it. We keep our cars for at least 10 years, take very good care of them, and I don't like paying for a car! I love the color of yours, and you car looks so clean, can't say the same about mine! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – it helped make the party a success!

  8. I have always thought they were a fun car! My husband & I rode in a 193Os police car instead of a limo when we got married.

  9. So cute! My girlfriend has one and it's always so fun to drive with ther.

  10. We own 2 CUV's. The c stands for compact, but we can haul a lot of junk with those little cars!

  11. Yes I have one ! but mine is a convertible and I love it , I wanted a convertible so I could go to the beach and let my hair blow around...It signifies freedom and fun for me....

  12. What a cool car. It looks like a vintage one outside but in the inside its all modern. Thanks for sharing your car with us.
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  13. Perfect car for a "vintage" gal...and can you lay the back seat down to haul stuff in the back? Also very important ;) Laurel

  14. She looks brand new! what a doll of a car..
    I do not own a PT cruiser, but have always loved seeing them drive by.
    I drive a 2012 Honda CRV. I know boring, Right! Wells at least it's really great on gas and will run for ever.
    Have a sweet day,Elizabeth

  15. My sweet neighbor owns one and loves it. You sure have low mileage. I drive a Mini Cooper and bought it with 33K on it and now it has 102K on it but we drive 140 miles round trip between our old house and the yellow house from the weekend to the middle of the week and we would not trade all our complexities for the world.

  16. This is great! I love good car stories. We have been doing slug bugs (you get hit in the arm) when we see a VW bug. We do this car game with my 7 year old, my husband started it! My son decided to also do cruiser bruiser! Do you ever see anyone punching someone when you drive by!? LOL

  17. What a cute car. My daughter and her hubby had a silver one and named her Stella! :) We rented one once and enjoyed driving it very much.
    Be a sweetie,
    Sheila ;)

  18. I think they are adorable and I LOVE the vintage look. My cousin restores vintage cars and has the 1956 Ford my parents drove. So you have a wall phone!!! I looked for a harvest gold wall phone like we had growing up, but kept getting outbid on ebay.

  19. I'm so glad you wrote this post! I've wanted one ever since they came out, but I haven't heard anyone comment on them--good, bad, or otherwise. There's a red one for sale just down the road from me. I love red and the way it does look vintage! Thanks to your post, I may just take it for a test run!

  20. Looks like it's in great shape. What a fun car. You made me wish I had one. laurie

  21. So nice to meet a fellow PT owner! Yours is in great shape, low miles, yippee!
    Mine is a 2005, Cool Vanilla, big American flag with a superimposed eagle in the back window, and red/white/blue pinstriping. We are members of the Treasure Valley PT's, a car club, hence the "theme" of my car. We have a ball with all our fellow Cruisers. We like to say we "cruise to eat", but we sure do visit some really neat places. As long as I have had my PT I still feel young behind the wheel.

    Happy Cruising!

  22. I've always love them especially the black, they always remind be of the British. LOL

  23. Carlene,

    I love cars with character and your Cruiser certainly has personality. I suspect you always receive compliments on your vehicle when people see what you're driving.

    Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my garden.


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