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August 20, 2012
My flowers have peaked and are on the decline.

I think I was much luckier than most of you who had triple digit temperatures. We definitely had too little moisture and quite a bit of heat for northern Minnesota.

Believe it or not, our growing season here is almost done. We can get frost almost any time now, especially after September 1st. I am going to continue to water my flowers (with the hose) but as of today, I have stopped deadheading and fertilizing (the really big jobs). I am anxious to move on to some fall projects and keeping these annuals alive and beautiful is a big job.

The following are photos of my flowers today. Some still look great, but some are leggy. The perennials are pretty much done blooming.

The hanging galvanized pails. These are still exceptionally beautiful but they had a slow start with the cutworm caterpillar attack.

The potting bench area.

The front yard border and wheelbarrow. How about that Diamond Frost atop the step ladder? Fabulous!

The vintage bicycle basket impatiens are in full bloom.

This is the old tree house ladder with impatiens in a galvanized minnow bucket and its insert.

The kitchen fairy garden is still healthy but very overgrown. Can you still find the rusty metal fairy?

These violas and ornamental oregano in the kitchen fairy garden are so pretty!

These purple, gold, and white annuals were in terra cotta pots I planted for centerpieces at my daughter's grad party! I had golf flags with her school photos in each one.

The moss rose and succulent bed did well this year!

The impatiens in wood boxes in front of the gray painted futon ends are almost covering the plates and cherub on the right side!

The purple verbena and alyssum in a pot in the rusty milk can. The can still has a metal label, Oscar Larson, Bagley, Minnesota!

And finally, the hens and chicks survived the summer planted in barnacles in the New Guinea impatiens pot!

There's more flowers but some of them were just featured in the post "August Annuals".

Thanks for your great comments on all my garden posts this season! I loved them!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Oh my, your gardens still look so very lovely and beautiful. I live in Florida so mine are pretty much done...but we still will be able to plant for fall up until about Jan/Feb. Frost? Goodness!!

  2. I am a pretty new reader, so this is my first time seeing your flowers. They are so beautiful and I love your unique containers :-)

  3. Your flowers are so pretty! I love the "junk" you have in your beds, too. Jean

  4. Thank you for sharing your gardens this year! I didn't have any flowers and so enjoyed seeing your beautiful displays. Maybe I'll have time next year! Hugs, Linda

  5. Carlene, I always leave here smiling and marveling at your creativity and talent. Futon head boards, SMH. They are fabulous. How did you attach the plates and cherubs? Your yard is gorgeous, still, can't wait to see what you do for fall. xo

  6. Your flowers are so beautiful, makes me want to do some work in my yard. Hugs, Lynn

  7. Just beautiful.....I am so jealous.

  8. Don't say that five letter word -- frost! It did dip down into the 40s on Friday night here in Michigan but I sure hope the growing season extends into September. The flowers in your photos certainly look great. Enjoy them while you can.


  9. Oh, my! If you saw my plants right now, you would wonder if they were already touched by frost. Yours still look like they are at their peak, and the shot of your front yard border is beautiful!

  10. I am just drooling over every inch of your garden. I need some hints to get started, we moved to our land two years ago here in Alabama and I don't have a clue where to start. You seem to have a knack for design, any ideas you can pass along for where to begin? Every thing is just gorgeous!

  11. Your flowers are still in beautiful shape, Carlene! I'm impressed!

  12. OMG! How gorgeous is your garden! How do you get those petunias so lush? I want to do everything you have done, but I fear our hot summer which I KNOW we are going to inherit from you Yankees soon, will not be conducive to keeping pretties alive. Maybe next year when I go to USA I could drop in and really enjoy your garden! Fantastic work!

  13. Wow ! Your flowers and Gardens look absolutely beautiful... You do have a very short growing season compared to mine in Florida...

  14. Wow, what a beautiful garden! Looking at your flowers have inspired me to try to do something in my yard. You did a beautiful job!

  15. Yep, my garden has done had it - between the heat and the deer. I cut the last of the sunflowers for a bouquet last night.

    Popped in from Gonna Love It.


  16. Carlene,
    Your garden still looks lovely and does not look like it is on the decline....
    We have had temps. in the high 70's and low 50's the past few days and it has been heaven but temps will be rising slightly over the coming weekend. We did get some much needed rain but the lack of it has taken a toll on my blooms. I did water all summer but ....
    Looking forward to Fall too as it is my favorite season of the year...


  17. Hi Carlene, just popped over from Cozy Little House to see what you were up to. I'm just amazed at your gardens - they are gorgeous!!!

  18. It's still looking so colorful and pretty. I came home today to find one of my mandevilla vines that I recently planted had withered. The only one. I have no idea why and it was quite disappointing. They were just getting started. :( Well, I do have the advantage here in Florida of having pretty much a year round growing season. That just really set me back. I look forward to seeing how your garden ages gracefully into September.

  19. Carlene, I think they all still look gorgeous! How lush and full they are. I always love seeing your very special ideas for your garden. That giant cart filled with flowers is stunning, and I love the white bike. laurie

  20. Your gardens are amazing, Carlene! I really love all the vintage you used...the white cart is really wonderful! Everything is so healthy and lush there...I had to replace many things this year! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. Your gardens and flowers still look so pretty! Love your hanging pots! Ours are coming to an end now. Time for us to start thinking about planting some Fall flowers soon.

  22. Oh your hangers are so beautiful! The heat, wind and zero humidity we have here chewed away at mine pretty good :-( I love seeing how everything has grown around your garden over the season! We won't see frost until late September but I know it's coming. Thanks so much for sharing at the party Carlene! I always love seeing you ♥ I'll be featuring this post on my Facebook page too!

  23. Your flowers look stunning!! Wow what a beautiful yard you have! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share your beautiful yard with us.

  24. Hello.
    Visiting from You're Gonna Love It.

    Your flowers are beautiful and you have a lovely garden. I have a penchant for flowers, especially pinks, purples and yellows...must be the romantic in me (smile). Thank you for sharing.

    Flowers In Your Hands


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