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August 10, 2012
Remember when I found this colander marked solid copper, made in Korea? I had not found a place for it yet.

This photo, from my kitchen reveal post, shows a dark red, metal, country colander hanging in my kitchen. I purchased it a while ago at a local drug store. It was for decorative purposes only, and had a star pattern on the bottom.

I swapped out the country one with the copper colander. I think it has a much more French country look!

I just found this colorful round tray this week at an antique store. I think it may match my green shutter in the kitchen.

This is the corner that I am planning to hang the tray in. There's the green shutter. I am thinking about taking the star down and putting the Paris plate in its place and the tray above the shutter.

I like the new tray!

I raised the green shutter up a little higher on the wall. I also added my vintage, Progressus french fry cutter to the vignette.

I guess I'm done re-arranging for today!

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  1. I think the tray looks fantastic with the shutter!

  2. Yep, the tray looks perfect with the shutter and the colander looks perfect in it's spot! I'm thinking I need to find a shutter! And a colander! Have a terrific weekend Carlene!!

  3. I like it....hey, will the star fit on the shutter? It is just so cute...

  4. Everthing looks great! I love the copper colander and the green tray just works perfectly with the shutter.

  5. Hi Carlene! OH, I love your pretty colander and it looks wonderful with your wall hangings! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I love using Shutters it adds so much charm to any space. Your new arrangements are wonderful . Thank you for inspiring me..

  7. Carlene,

    I love your tray too! Placing it above the shutter was a wonderful idea. It looks great!

  8. I like the changes Carlene. Cute, cute organized clutter! lol!

  9. Carlene,
    Great vignette and I so love copper in the Kitchen...


  10. It's funny how a subtle change make the whole look appear completely different! Ann

  11. Both charges look great. Love the green shutter on the wall. I just discovered your blog and look forward to reading more :-)

  12. love that tray and it goes perfectly with the shutter ; in fact everything looks perfect ..

  13. Love it, the corner looks so great!

  14. It's always fun to change things around. Your copper colander is beautiful.
    Mary Alice

  15. I used to have that same tray. Yours looks great hanging above the shutter. Maybe you can send your star on a brief vacation and bring it back twined with twinkle lights in December.

  16. How did you hang the burlap valance?


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