Miss Abraham's Desk Vignette

August 03, 2012
I am having some fun arranging some of my treasured recent finds, especially my globe and my typewriter.

I hate that I always have to apologize for my photos but the built in desk in my den has a window over it. It is hard to take photos in front of an open window and I didn't like the look of the shades pulled either. It's actually nice to have a window to look out of at your desk in the real world, but in the blog world where great photography is a plus, not so much.

This is my Mom, Miss Abraham, all dressed up in a 1950's women's suit. She could be going to work in an office. (I love this photo of my Mom, even though it's taken in front of a clothesline!)

Here is my Cram's Terrestrial Globe. Just bought this for $10 last week.

Here is my Royal Quiet Deluxe portable typewriter. I purchased this for $20 earlier this spring. It's a beauty!

To the right of the typewriter is Miss Abraham's shorthand pad from the 1940's. (Miss Abraham never became a stenographer but was a crackerjack grocery sales clerk before retirement!) Also B & L vintage eyeglasses that were my Grandma's, and a Franklin vintage fountain pen.

This is my Baby Ben vintage clock find at a recent estate sale for $1.

This is a Rowe Typing Book, copyright 1958, Fourth Edition.

I added a few fresh flowers and a doily and that's pretty much it!

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  1. That is a great vignette....The use of all the old desk items...fabulous. At my house, my husband would "swoosh" it all to the side and leave his pile of papers and coupons!

  2. What a sweet vignette! I saw an old typewriter at the thrift store the other day and I knew I should have grabbed it! That instruction book just really tops it off:) If you get a sec I would be jazzed if you stopped by and linked up at my party {Get Schooled Saturday} going on right now!
    Kim @ Too Much Time

  3. Great vignette! You have no idea how much I wish I had saved my typewriter that i got when I was 14 y/0. It would be 40 y/o now... Love your Mom's suit. I love the fashions from that era!

  4. I love your Vignette... Takes me back to happy times in the 50's

  5. Great photo of your mom, I treasure the old photo's I have of my mom. I love the baby ben clock, I collect them.

  6. Hi Carlene, sweet image of your mother. I love, love the clock. Oh and I just put you on my blog roll so I can keep up with you better:} Olive

  7. Carlene, I had to giggle at your comment about the photo of your mom taken in front of a clothes line. Your mom is so pretty in her suit. Great retro office vignette.

  8. Yes, it is a very sweet pic of your mom. Love the typewriter too.

  9. Really cute vignette! Thanks so much for your kind comment about my vintage trunk.

  10. I always wanted to buy a globe, but they are always just so expensive. I wish I find 10 dollars globe somewhere :)

  11. What a great vintage vignette Carlene!

  12. I love this vignete! The fact that your mom's picture is part of it makes it all the more special. You have some real treasures displayed and I am particularily envious of the typewriter and the baby ben! Ann

  13. Neat vignette. Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - the Tablescaper

  14. Oh, my goodness....your post is a stenographer's dream! Your Mom was darling in her stylish suit. She reminds me so much of my 50s Mom.
    I remember taking Rowe Typing when I was a sophomore in high school.
    "fjdksla; fjdksla; fjdksla; fjdksla'"
    I remember the typing drills our stealthy teacher would require of all her students.
    I am happy to discover your blog through our sweet friend, Elaine from Sunny Simple Life.
    Have a great week,

  15. Love your vignette, Carlene! It's always nice to have sweet memories accompany our finds.
    Mary Alice

  16. What a sweet little vignette you've created there with your vintage finds!

  17. That's an adorable vignette designed with all the things I love!

    Susan and Bentley

  18. I love that each thing in your cute vignette means something to you. That makes it so much more meaningful. I love that photo of your pretty mom.

  19. I love the whole story and vignette!

  20. What a cute desk area. I love the typewriter and the natural light.

  21. Lovin' the typewriter and what you did with the case.


  22. Oh! Carlene... you give me back my old memories thru the old typewriter.

    I was once the best typist in the early 80's in Manila. I love every piece on your table. Absolutely gorgeous treasures.

    Happy TTT,
    /CC from rainy Stockholm


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