A Painted Wood Basket Filled With Vintage Utensils

July 14, 2012
I got this wood basket for $5 last week at a local consignment shop. Probably pine, stained, but not varnished.

I dry brushed it with a Rustoleum American Accents black paint. Two coats. Distressed it a bit with sandpaper, and then rubbed a walnut stain over the basket with a rag. I put one coat of paste wax over that.

So now it looks like this. I am happy with it!

I have been picking up some cheap, aluminum or tin kitchen utensils when I run across them.
At first I thought these were gingerbread cookie cutters, but they are very heavy. I think they are cake molds? Not sure, but I think you baked your gingerbread men right in them. No maker marks. I think they may be homemade. The legs and arms are not a uniform size, and they appear to be spot welded.

Recent utensil finds: a yellow Foley jar opener, aluminum salt and pepper shakers, jar tongs with green wood handles, a cup with "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in raised lettering, an aluminum funnel, and Mirro gravy shaker.

And some stuff that I already had: aluminum measuring cups, Jello molds, and a Bromwell sifter.

I think the basket works out well for displaying my utensil collection. (I hate the cable cord dangling from my TV in the photo though!!!!!!)

Since my laundry room is right next to my kitchen, I could set the basket on this stool too!

Do any of you collect old kitchen utensils?

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  1. To answer your question YES! In fact if you go to my blog today...it shows a lot of the kitchen ware I have....I gravitate to that at garage sales and flea markets....I like how you grouped everything together in the crate!

  2. Awesome job on that basket! Isn't it funny how it changes the whole attitude of the piece. If you put that in a retail store and a tag of $50.00 someone would snatch it up....I mean really! But they're the same people that would not lower themselves to go in a consignment or thrift store....lucky for us! LOL!
    I love that you used it to display your "aluminum" treasures. I noticed your red canister in the background. My Aunt, who practically raised me, had those in her kitchen. They were her canister set. I have since found a turquoise one and a yellow one. I don't remember what colors she had and were they all the same size? Mine are the same size as your red one and the tops can be heated in the oven so they draw moisture out of what ever you store in them with those crystals in the top knob. Pretty ingenious I'd say! I'm thinking she might have had a gray one also. I wonder if they came in a set or if you purchased them separately? Her last name was Gray also! LOL! Isn't it all just so interesting? I miss her to this day but every time I look at those canisters they remind me of her.

  3. Oh, I almost forgot...I love those Gingerbread person pans. I've never seen anything like those before. They're a treasure for sure. Are you going to use them for gingerbread?

  4. That little wooden basket turned out absolutely adorable. I love the vintage utensils. Such a lovely display. I collect all kinds of vintage utensils and I use them. Have a great day

  5. The crate turned out great! It looks fantastic filled with your vintage utensils. I love those gingerbread cake pans.

  6. A perfect holder for your little pretties!

  7. Nice job on the basket! And yes I have tons of vintage utensils...all with red handles. I've never stopped to count them, I'm afraid to, but I have so many that I rarely find one I don't have now. My favorites are my potato mashers, I have 8 different ones so far. I'm also partial to wooden things, especially bowls, but only if they are in my cheap price range.

  8. I had quite a few red handled utensils that I gave to my daughters when we moved. Now I'm probably going to buy them all over again!

    You sure filled that crate up in a hurry! It looks like you're ready to start baking. And just in time. I see a Christmas in July party coming up at Cowgirl Up.

  9. I'm drooling. I have been on the hunt for my finds and have collected a grand total of...TWO! Lol. My grandmother gave me a pie edge scalloper and I feel in love. I found a wrought iron potato ricer the other week but so far my finds are few and very far between ;)

  10. I love old kitchen utensils. That's a beautiful way to display them. I see things at Goodwill like that sometimes. I'm going to get one next time!

  11. Cute display. I collect all of this stuff too. I have a lot displayed in big glass jars and old mixing bowls.

  12. Hi Carlene, Your wooden basket looks so good after you painted it. It makes a great gathering place for you fun kitchen utensils.
    Mary Alice

  13. Oh I love that basket, how fun is that and the black paint and stain is perfect. Your vintage aluminum goodies are all wonderful. Great finds and such a super display. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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