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June 11, 2012
The early spring weather in late February and early March and then back to seasonable temps, or lower than seasonal temps in April and May, have my perennials all mixed up. Some died (the bleeding heart, among others). Some are stunted (the Gardenview Scarlett Monarda, my red love). Some are blooming early on short stems. Some look pretty much like they should at this time. Who knows?

Normally an ample snow cover can bring my zone 3-4, and maybe even 5 perennials back year after year.

Since I have gardened forever, and know that springs in Northern Minnesota are usually cool, I don't have many spring bloomers. I have it planned that about the 4th of July, my perennial beds are in full bloom with summer perennials.

These are a few of my perennials in bloom right now:

Creeping gypsophila, white baby's breath. I have it in two different garden spots. I love it but it blooms a little too early for my border.

Cheddar pinks, a dianthus family plant. Great gray-blue foliage and pink blossoms.

Creeping baby's breath and cheddar pinks together in my garden. Remnants of another dianthus in the photo.

Dianthus deltoides, maiden pinks with creeping baby's breath in my front border.

Pink, very old, 50 years old, peony bush. Normally more blossoms!
I know a lot of you love peonies. I love them too (except for the ants), and the fact that they looked like this yesterday.


I live across the street from Rainy River and Rainy Lake is not too far away. The early settlers to this area knew there was some rain. The blossoms on peonies are just too big to come back after a heavy rain. This plant has a cage around it.

Wooly creeping thyme by the deck.

Red Prince Weigela. A really misshapen blooming shrub. Wouldn't plant it again! Like it in bloom!

Cranesbills in bloom, in two colors. Very dependable bloomers with nice mounding habit!

Some of my sedum will be in bloom soon too! Stop back for more perennials, annuals, junk gardens!


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  1. Beautiful flowers. Do you have deer. They eat about everything here.

  2. Carlene: You must have a huge garden. There are so many beautiful different colors. Of course, the peonies are just beautiful, but what a shame that they don't hold up well. Did you pick them then or were they too far gone? All so pretty..Happy Monday..Judy

  3. Your gardens seem to be flourishing. I just checked today and my huge dark green bleeding heart has only one small branch when there are usually about a hundred. I have some unknowns coming up in the bed next my garage, and I hope I'm not watering weeds again!

    Your peonies are so pretty, but I know what you mean. As soon as they are in full bloom we either get wind or rain to blow the petals away. But they're nice while they last. Your baby's breath looks pretty, too. I may have to plant some again just to have it for cutting.

  4. you have a lovely garden enjoy it

  5. Your garden is a blooming paradise! I love all the color. The flowing bushes are always nice while they are in bloom. Enjoy your pretty yard!

  6. Lovely garden! Thanks so much for linking up to the All Star Block Party!


  7. Love your garden. I am a fan of perennial bloomers too. Beautiful post. Enjoyed it very much.

  8. It looks like we can grow many of the same plants. I live in Oregon, so we don't usually have as much cold as MN.

  9. Pretty! I'm crushing on your peonies! Mine are long gone.

    Thanks for sharing on The All Star Block Party!


  10. I have a large planting of cheddar pinks that I started from seed last year... I am amazed at the fragrance. I very much like Red Prince and do a bit of shaping as needed. I individually stake any peonies that are really important to me and otherwise try to stick with tree peonies and intersectionals since they stand up better than the regular herbaceous varieties. Your thyme looks great... I've never had success with it here in our part of Wisconsin.... Larry

  11. your 50 year old, peony bush is amazing.
    We have had much too much rain and my
    garden is looking rather sad.. So Florida
    blooms better in the winter and I don't
    have all the wonderful photos to post
    as most of the country, when spring
    turns into summer.
    Your gardens are wonderful

  12. I saw you on Fishtail Garden. Your plants are unbelievable. I can't believe how big and glorious your creeping thyme is, just lovely.


  13. thank you for linking up to this weeks garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage. love that color of weigela (just beatiful)! xoox, tracie

  14. Beautiful flowers and I cannot believe how far behind I was in visiting your blog! I'm still paying catchup!


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