Out Thrifting!

June 12, 2012
Recent thrifty finds at the consignment stores.

Metal, round, Chinese Checkerboard, regular checkers on the other side. Unmarked. (I have a vintage Chinese checkerboard collection) $3

Graniteware coffeepot and cup. $3

Vintage Rooster Figurine, made in Japan. $3

Enesco Prayer Lady napkin holder. $3

Rooster Figurine and Plate. Not vintage. 50 cents each.

I had the roaster cover and the plate and added the bacopa. Just purchased the potpourri burners or tart burners for $1 each. I may put a tea light in them at night for a fun effect.

Had to try some flameless tea lights!

These bottles were mine already.

But I purchased this necklace for $2.

Filled the bottles with food coloring and water and put the necklace around the neck of one of the bottles.

Sells Aerial Tennis Co. badminton vintage wood paddle. $3. I have never seen a wood one for badminton.

Oops forgot one.

I picked this up even though it didn't have the key. A Miller Eight Lever lock. $4
That's it for today!

The Thrifty Groove

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  1. Oh girl, you have found some thrifting gems! What a nice haul!

  2. Judy and I went to the thrift store today. We didn't see anything that good!

  3. Great finds! Awesome idea to add the necklace to the bottle! You have inspired me.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Don't you love thrifting! And, you put everything to good use with your wonderful ideas!

  5. That lock is amazingly cool! I'd have grabbed it, too.
    I also like how you used the necklace.

  6. Great finds! I think the lock is fabulous! New follower.

  7. Oh man I like way dig the coffee pot and cup, and for THREE dollars?? Crazy! those were some good finds, thanks for sharing!!

  8. Great finds! My mother had the prayer lady egg timer.

  9. Great finds! Love the coffee pot and mug and the sweet prayer lady figurine is just priceless!!


  10. Great finds! You really got some bargains. I had the prayer lady salt & peppers. Love your bottle idea with the colored water.

  11. Great finds Carlene. The outdoor planter turned out so cute. The wooden racket is very unusual. I love how you filled the bottles and added a bit of bling. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  12. Wow! You had a productive week. Love all your finds - especially the Enesco Prayer girl! And the bottles turned out beautifully. I had never thought of using dinnerware in a flower bed - it looks great!

  13. Love the bottles and how you put the necklace on there! Great idea!

  14. I love your finds, esp the prayer lady. My brother bought some of those for my mom. When she was growing up, that is the prayer they always said at mealtime. Now we all say it as well. Even though my mom has aphasia (limited speech) from a stroke, she can still say that prayer.

  15. Lots of fun treasures! I love the idea on having the tealights lit in that cute little garden container at night. I think that would be so pretty. Thank you for joining TTF and have a great day!

  16. I have that exact blue speckled coffee pot and mug and I also have that exact ceramic chicken/rooster...the first one you showed. Do not wash or scrub....the paint came off of mine some. I wonder if they were a pair and we each have one! Wouldn't that be something?
    I LOVE what you did with the roaster and I am assuming the bacopa is the plant? I never heard of that before. I love the plate and the tart burners used with battery powered tea lights. I bet that is really pretty at night! Great ideas!


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