Checking Out My Cousin's Flowers

Besides me, our family has other gardeners.

There's my sister in law who planted the "Prettiest Window Box in Town" (and has a yard full of flowers), my cousin who has beautiful flowers in beds and in pots and my Aunt (my Mom's sister) who I visited with today, and still plants a couple big vegetable gardens and flowers in pots and beds.

My cousin likes to try more unusual perennials. Not the ones everybody plants. Here is one:

This one is a dropwort filependula. A little 18-24" ferny foliaged perennial with white tiny clustered blossoms that blow every so softly in the wind. I have one too that was a division of this one, but it is much smaller. A slower growing, non-invasive perennial.

I also like this Sea Thrift. A little grass like, slower growing tuft with bright pink balls of tiny blossoms on taller stems high above the foliage. Also in the photo, to the right, creeping thyme and in the background a miniature watering can with hen and chicks.

Also not a widely planted perennial because of the bright orangy red bloom color, is the Maltese Cross. I love red blossoms and think every garden or border need a few. I also grow Maltese Cross.

She also had two clematis blooming. The one on the right is not your usual clematis. It's a lighter color and has a fuzzier center than most of the clematis that I have or have seen.

A little sedum in full bloom with some hen and chicks.

Look at the nice rock, manufactured edging she has around her flower border! We just missed her penstamon, creeping baby's breath, poppies and baptisia in full bloom, but maybe we can catch some summer bloomers yet this season. One of my favorites, Asiatic lilies are about to bloom.

One thing I noticed right away was that my cousin's potted plants were more advanced than mine! I am going to say it's because I had a cutworm caterpillar attack, and some are still recovering, and some were re-planted (or maybe it's because she uses Miracle - Gro potting soil?) Hmmm. Not sure. Oh I know, I was busy with a grad party the whole month of May!

Here is a nicely mounded little annual baby's breath on a black metal bench with one of her garden angels.

These pots too were outstanding! Have you ever seen a pansy pot so covered in blossoms as the pot with yellow pansies to the left of the bench? Those are pansies, the foliage is barely visible under all those blooms.

The Calibrachoa or Million Bells in rose color in the front, center is just gorgeous too. These, and the petunias were favorites of the cutworm caterpillar at my house.

A cute little metal chair with hen and chicks.

Also yellow Calibrachoa or Million Bells in yellow, purple Angelonia and not sure wat the trailing silvery foliage is in back.

Another sweet garden angel!

Metal flowers on the privacy fence and a "hummer" sign from the Tattered Angel, a local shop.

Beautiful lobelia. Not easy to grow in the north or south. Does not like heat but so pretty.

Finally a close up of annual grass new at one of our local greenhouses this year.

The next photos were taken by my cousin and shared with me.  I think you will enjoy these garden close ups.

Bird on Sunflower heads.

Butterfly on a verbena blossom

Butterfly on Osteospermum
 One of my favorite photos.

Spider and Fly on Marguerite Daisy
 I love these close ups of the spider.

Spider and Fly on Marguerite Daisy

I hope you enjoyed "my cousin's flowers"!

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My Favorite Outdoor Collectible 2012

Way back last February, when I was just dreaming about flower gardening, I posted about "My Favorite Outdoor Collectible", my wheelbarrow.

When I look back at that post, I maybe think I like the previous years' plantings better than 2012's. You can be the judge! (You will have to click on the link "my wheelbarrow" above to view the previous years)

I also want to mention that the white, metal round object leaning against the house in the background was part of a vintage hay rake. It was welded together at the tips to make a piece of yard art! I got it from my sister's old farm, also ten plus years ago. It was brown, and I painted it white. Also a favorite collectible!
I used to buy red nicotiana for the larger galvanized tub, but now I can only buy mixed 6 packs. They weren't blooming when I bought them, and as you will see only one spot turned out red in the back of the tub.

The center of the larger tub is pink African daisies. The smaller tub has a mix of petunias and million bells.

I am thankful that somehow the cutworm caterpillars missed these pots!

Isn't this wheelbarrow a beauty? A $15 garage sale bargain from 10 plus years ago!

My favorite outdoor collectible for 2012!

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Sedum Lovin'

I am a sedum lover. My favorites are the sprawling and creeping types. The uprights, like Autumn Joy, just plain bloom too late in the autumn for me. Usually most of my annuals have been killed by frost, and they are the only plants blooming.

A few years ago I purchased my favorite sedums called the "Flaming Carpet Sedum".

The pot arrives (this was one pot) with three sedums, Angelina, Blue Spruce and Voodoo, all planted together. When it grows, it is a fabulous mixture of colors and textures. The Angelina sedum has just started to bloom. I have mixed hen and chicks in with the sedums and added mulch. Love the colors!

My hen and chicks in barnacles are next to the flaming carpet sedums.

This is an Angelina.

Hens about to bloom.

Up close.

If you are interested in purchasing a Flaming Carpet sedum medley here is the link.

Still sedum lovin'!

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