Grandma's Gift is Sew Special!

May 06, 2012
I am sooooooo busy right now!

My daughter's prom was last night, and her high school graduation is June 3rd. I am busy with invitations, food plans and decorations.

I am still putting everything away, and cleaning up after painting the living room walls.

AND, if the weather would ever warm up here in Northern Minnesota, I would buy some annuals and start planting my pots and flower beds.

The birch trees in our yard are not completely leafed yet, and my husband has only mowed our lawn once this season. The snow went early, and we had some fantastic temperatures in early March but now it is pretty cool.

My posts for the rest of May will be continuing to show you some vignettes in the living room all leading up to a full room reveal. Also some graduation decorations, and hopefully planting flowers and decorating my outdoor spaces. (when not working 32 hours a week)

Enough self pity, on with a special post:

Today's post is about a very special sewing machine left to me by one of my Grandmas.

A very unique treadle sewing machine that has a wooden hinged cover that shuts over the machine.

It has beautiful carvings and veneers. I believe it was made in the 1890's. The name on it is Husvennen.

The treadle part is made by the Decorah Posten Company.

It has six small locking drawers, and a narrow one across the top.

This is the sewing machine part, with beautiful gold decoration. Blue thread is still on the spool.

I have seen my Grandma patch holey jeans on this machine, and make repairs.

I have never tried to sew on it.

Side decoration of the machine.

The lid is open.

I used to have the little hinged side table up with a lamp on this part. But lately I just display a few knick knacks on the side.

This little girl figural planter is made in Japan. Vintage eyeglasses are in her skirt. Figural planters were one of my first collections. Easy to find, inexpensive and very quirky and fun.

Grandma and Grandpa's photograph is in the flower frog, and Great Grandma's Webster's Pocket Dictionary is displayed with a decorative magnifying glass.

Old eyeglasses are fun!

This was my first pair of eyeglasses. Cat-eye glittery frames.

Not sure who this pair belonged to exactly, but they are family eyeglasses. They remind me of Benjamin Franklin glasses.

Both of these pairs of vintage eyeglasses belonged to sewing machine Grandma!

Thanks for the great old sewing machine Grandma, I treasure it every day! Love,

More history on this sewing machine at this link

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  1. I have never seen such a beautiful old sewing machine. The cabinet is wonderful. Some of those eye glasses would be in style now. I love having things from the past esp. my grandma's. Oh I remember all the work before graduations. We always got so much done. So much work but so nice in the end. A busy year for you.

  2. That's a beautiful sewing machine! You were very lucky to get it

  3. Oh Carlene, what a treasure and each and every item there has such a tale of time doesn't it? I love the little girl planter and those cat eye glasses. My mom wore those in the 60's and I so wish she still had them so I could take them off her hands. :) I found you at Debbiedoo's party. I'd love for you to stop by and visit me at Quirky Vistas sometime!


    1. Thanks for coming by "my place" Carlene and for following. I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll come by again sometime!


  4. hi Carlene ... what a beautiful sewing machine and in great condition. Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures and leaving a nice comment.
    Audrey Z.

  5. What a beautiful machine!! it reminds me of the one my mother had, but your Grandma's being the high end! :) Lovely post!

  6. Oh what a fabulous sewing machine; gorgeous. You are so lucky to have such a beauty; sure wish I had my Grandma's machine as it was much like yours but the cabinet not nearly so lovely. Enjoy this special memory piece. Peggy

  7. The carving details are just gorgeous, what a unique machine and even more special that it came from your grandma!

  8. Oh, everything is so lovely! I wish I had saved my Grandparents' glasses...(probably one of the few things I didn't save...)

  9. It is truly a beautiful sewing machine. I also reminds me of a machine my Grams had. The cabinet on of the most beautiful I have seen. Love the little girl planter and the eyewear. A very nice post. Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!

  10. Carlene, that is so special and such a gorgeous piece. I thank you for sharing with the newbie party.

  11. Just lovely. A beautiful sewing machine and very unusual too. I love the photo and glasses that belonged to your grandmother being on display there too. You know I had just the same in my sewing room at our last house when I had more room. My grandmother's Singer, her spectacles, pincushions, thread on wooden spools and some jewellery. Everytime I looked at it I thought of her, I still have some of her bits and pieces out on display. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Carlene: Great sewing machine. I love the carving on the drawers. I learned to sew on one that looked just like that, only it was a Singer and not in a very fancy cabinet, but inside was similar. I'm commenting here from the Newbie party. I'm there too..Happy Monday..Judy

  13. Carlene, Thanks for a lovely post! Loved the photo of your grandparents - so vintage Minnesota! Barbara in St Paul

  14. Love the vintage eye glasses. Your sewing machine and image of your grandparents are treasures.

  15. Your sewing machine is in pristine condition! I got rid of mine years ago, but still have the "machine" part of it. Love the eyeglasses, too. I have a few vintage pairs, and if I find just the right ones, I'd like to have them retrofitted for me. Might as well start wearing old stuff, too! It's so nice that you have history behind your pieces/

  16. Wow, lucky you, to have that wonderful treasure!! I love you adorable eyeglass holder, too.

  17. Carlene, it's beautiful! I remember the Benjamin Franklin glasses....they were a hit years ago (so I guess you know my age) smile. Thanks for sharing. I'm now an active follower.

  18. Hi Carlene, How wonderful to have your grandmothers sewing machine. It is a beautiful piece and I also love the vintage glasses.

  19. I think we both had the same glittery pink cat's eye glasses! I thought I was stylin'. Yikes! This is really a uniquely styled case for the sewing machine. I used my grandmother's old treadle machine a few times. It worked great. Count yourself lucky to have such a wonderful treasure! Visiting from Angie's party.
    ~ Sue

  20. Carlene, you have such interesting things in your home. Thanks for showing them at Your Cozy Home Party. The sewing machine is very special both because it is so pretty and because it has such sweet memories for you. I started wearing glasses around age three. My Mom said I could pick out my first pair and I had my head set on a green pair. They didn't have a green pair so I settled for red and loved them. I still have mine too. The color has faded a little but I still think the're kinda cute. That little girl figure holding your glasses collection is really sweet. --------------Shannon

  21. Oh what an absolutely gorgeous treasure. I totally love it. I learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine, not one as beautiful as this, but just the same treadle. What a fabulous piece. Definitely would be one of my favorite treasures. Thanks tons for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  22. I love those old machines and I don't think I have ever seen one with a cover like that. You glasses collection is so fun. What great reminders of you grandparents.


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