Changing, Re-arranging, Tweaking, Re-vamping, and Primping the Mantel

May 02, 2012
I guess I can show you my mantel... I can't say for sure that it will stay this way.

Remember the yellow walls and the row of tea cups and floral pictures from before:

The walls are now Dover White, not Sawdust Yellow. The tea cups are situated on a new shelf. The floating "book" shelves are down. Three of the floral prints are down too.

The mantel now looks like this:

Nothing is nailed to the wall. Everything either rests on the mantel, or is propped against the wall. This will be much easier when I need to change things up a bit.

At the far left is my Ferry seed box. An auction purchase from a long time ago. It is one of my favorite possessions. It has been moved from my desk where it had been holding mail, (mostly bills), to a more prominent place in the living room. A few old spools are inside.

Next up is the newly painted tea cup shelf and a few of my favorite tea cups.

I saved the third spot from left for one of my favorite vintage floral pictures.

At the right, I added a new basket with a small live ivy and a couple of old antique price guides (maybe Kovel's) that I ripped the covers off of and tea stained by rubbing them with a tea bag. A couple of vintage keys are tied into the jute that binds the books together.

And that's it!

The white walls make the room so bright and clean!

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  1. Wonderful before and after! Every time I see a room lightened up, I am one step closer to getting our space painted and updated. Your collections really stand out against the lighter walls. I LOVE your seed box! Great graphics like that deserve to be showcased.

  2. Love your mantle. I would love to have a mantle..... Love all the bits and pieces on your shelf. Primping, what a wonderful word we vintage decoraters can claim to ourselves almost. It's just the right word for what we do....until things are just right.

  3. Love the new look! I like propping too to it's easier to change things around.
    Mary Alice

  4. Hi Carlene: Mantle looking good. I always wanted one of those seed boxes but just never got one..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. Very pretty, Carlene! I love that little display shelf you have on there.

    visiting from Open House party : )

  6. Hi Carlene: I'm Connie at, your new GFC friend. I would love it if you stop by and be mine, too.
    Love love love the seed box, what a lucky find. Thanks for sharing your mantel.

  7. I love it! It just looks so relaxed and very charming!

  8. That seed box is a wonderful treasure. If I had one like that I know that I would put in some trailing greenry and be happy for a long, long time.

  9. Oh, I love how your mantle looks. I liked it before too. That little shelf looks great up there and your box with the vintage graphic is wonderful.
    Be a sweetie and I'm your newest follower,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Very nice job. I especially like the tea cup shelf. I do like the fresh white walls too!
    Saw you on TT&J

  11. Ha-ha Carlene, I am laughting. You just painted your yellow walls white and I just painted my White (really cream) walls yellow. Change is nice no matter what, don't you agree? Love the fresh look. The floral pictures and cups are gorgeous. Do you know how long I have been wanting a seed box? Jealosu, jealous is all I have to say. lol! Seriously though, your's looks like it is wood. All of them that I have seen are cardboard. Love both looks. My sis has one and may sell it to me. If so, I'll be doing the happy dance for sure. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful mantel with Share Your Cup!


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