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April 01, 2012
As you are probably aware, Scotland is the "HOME of GOLF".

In my panic to think of possible posts to enter in the "Tartan Parade" linky party, I considered my husband's old leather golf bag with four wood shaft irons.

In the new golf world of titanium shafts, big berthas, etc., a look at these old mashies is priceless. And just to add to the Scottishness, I have added "tartan" ribbon to the irons.

These wood shaft irons are MacGregors. Old, in used condition.

A "2" iron.

A mid-mashie 3 iron.

A jigger 8 iron.

A spade mashie.

A Hughes Patent, Leather Vintage Golf Bag.

The logo.

The leather grips.

My husband's irons.

The irons and bag.

I admit there is little "tartan" in this post. Just the ribbons! But it's Scottish!

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  1. You are is oh so Scottish!
    Love this great old set!

  2. What a great set - perfect for Tartan Day. Sally

  3. Carlene, I'm not a golfer, but anything vintage rings my bell. ;-) This is a great post. Golf is definitely Scottish!

  4. Yep, looks Scottish to me, too. I'm not a golfer, but I love how creative you got with your photos & adding the tartan ribbons. I found you from Tablescapes by Diane and am now following you.
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  5. So fun to see the vintage pieces. Ribbons were cute too! xo marlis

  6. I was enjoying your blog and my boyfriend happened to see me scroll past the golf clubs and said "Wait, go back!". You got his attention! Hope you're doing well!

  7. Carlene: I don't know anything about golf but I love how you have tied the ribbons on the clubs. They do bring to mind pictures I've seen of golfers in their kilts and you have captured that perfectly..Happy Monday..Judy

  8. Carlene, love your post and hang on to those wooden shaft golf clubs! The tartan ribbon is the perfect touch. So Scottish! Thanks for another fun tartan post.

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