Victorian Ladies and their Hats

March 22, 2012
A few years ago, while I was deeply involved in preparing family histories, I was lucky enough to find this great old photograph of my Grandpa's aunts.

Great Great Aunt Lena.

Great Great Aunt Lydia.

Great Great Aunt Alma.

Also Great Great Aunt Alma.
Sister in Law of Great Great Aunt Lydia, (unfortunately this original photo was slightly blurred).

Great Great Aunt Lizzie.
My Aunts' are dressed in beautiful lacy, very proper high collared Victorian Era dresses. AND the HATS! I love them.

The original photograph was a card stock postcard in black and white. I had the photograph enlarged, and the details on the hats colorized to accentuate them.

The enlargement hangs in the foyer/entryway of my home. It's framed in creamy white painted wood, and matted with ribbon.

I decided to post the photograph just before Easter. Don't the hats remind you of Easter bonnets!

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  1. Love these pictures! What a great idea and I'm so glad you have them on display. I love old pictures but hate when they are in some garage sale, lost and forgotten by their family or not properly identified so they are discarded. Hats are great! Wonderful post.

  2. What a great framed picture. So much fun that they sisters and relatives. Glad that you are displaying it.

  3. How lovely! What a nice thing to do with an old photo.

  4. How beautiful. I love how you had the hats accented with color. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  5. How very beautiful!! I love hats too...and your aunts certainly wore them well!! What a wonderful piece of family history! I LOVE it!

  6. As soon as I saw your post I wanted to come and see. I was right, it's fabulous you could recuperate your great-grand aunts and they're so pretty.
    Enjoy your week.

  7. This is such a lovely post, Carlene. Thanks for sharing these fashionable relatives of yours at Your Cozy Home Party. Your posts are always very popular.------------ Shannon

  8. Hi Charlene,
    What a fun post! I love the photo of the Aunt's. Its amazing how lovely and restored the photo is. I think you have a family treasure.
    The ladies are beautiful!
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  9. Carlene...the photos and hats are great...lovely ladies too! I am a new follower. Patsy

  10. Oh my goodness -- these are SUCH treasures and what you did with them is just stunning! Absolutely beautiful!

  11. Incredible photos!! The hats are all gorgeous but I think Alma is the most beautiful lady. She has a sparkle of mischief in her eyes! it is so much fun to look at old photos and imagine the stories behind them.

  12. What a very lovely post, love all your Aunt pictures, and what a great idea. So beautiful. What treasures you have and create more. I love the look on Aunt Lizzie fact, curious to what she's thinking. Love the addition of color. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  13. What a beautiful picture and even better they are your relatives. A special piece.


  14. Hi Carlene,
    The gorgeous ladies and their beautious hats are wonderful! I love finding old photos and wondering about the people in them. Thanks so much for linking!
    Big hugs,

  15. Oh Carlene! They're fabulous! Those girls are all gorgeous and their hats are beautiful! What a treasure you have!
    One Chatty Chic
    PS You're invited to come link up at my place if you can!

  16. This is beautiful! Were they all togetherin the original photo or did you Photoshop them together? I love the result!

  17. I love wearing hats, though I don't get to wear them much now. The ones in the picture are fabulous. What a treasure you have in this wonderful photograph.

  18. It's a real treasure to have a family photograph where you actually know who the people are. They are links to our past and part of who we are, and are very very precious. I'm glad you have preserved yours in such a beautiful wa.

  19. Love that photo. Amazing that you can identify them all. What a great heirloom! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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