Northern Minnesota Weather

March 13, 2012
The current temperature in Northern Minnesota is 53 degrees. Not warm enough for gardening, not quite spring.

I just walked around my yard and this is what I saw today...

My front yard flower border. I usually leave it standing for winter visual interest.

Leaning against the deck, one of my flower pot ladders and my chippy wheelbarrow.

A view of my deck.

Deeper snow in the shady areas.

A few blades of chives coming through on the southeast side of the house. Also evergreen sedum in lower left of photo.

Maiden Pinks or Dianthus Deltoides also evergreen.

Lots of sunflower seed shells to rake up under the bird feeders.

I envy all of you working in your gardens already! Spring is coming but a lot more slowly here in Minnesota!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Don't you hope this weather lasts?! I just checked an old blog post of mine and last year we got a couple inches of snow on April 27!!!

    Cute button eggs!

    Vickie @Ranger 911

  2. Wow, it's still winter there! We were close to 80 degrees here. I know it had to be exciting the see the bits of green peeking out! hang in there, Spring will come!

  3. I know some bloggers there flowers are blooming. I wonder what happen in Michigan also been in away for a week and I think they had a good weather there. ^_^

    Outdoor Wednesday

  4. We have been in the high 80's for
    weeks now, but then thats Florida
    weather.. I just can't get back
    into the snow and cold mode since
    relocating down here..
    Wishing you Spring and soon!

  5. Hi Carlene,
    We had a snow storm last night so we got a little more of the white stuff. However, Spring is coming and with the milder temps the next few days, it's sure to melt it all away. I always like March because I feel the anticipation in the air of lovely things to come! Thanks for your visit and please stop by any time. I have a tea party every week and you are most welcome to join me. Have a delightful day.


  6. We got one tiny little snow this year in Tennessee and then winter seemed to be over. We are having high 70 and low 80s March. Crazy but wonderful.

    LOVE that white ladder and wheel barrow leaning against the wall.

  7. All our snow is gone and we had our first mosquitos this afternoon- looking forward to a week of 70s and yes- we plan on starting yard work this weekend. Hang in there- you are way ahead of the curve- just remember last spring!

  8. We had our first mosquitoes this afternoon and looking forward to a week of 70s ... and yes, we are planning on getting in the garden and get some perennials cut back. Spring will be coming soon to you too... you are already way ahead of the curve... just remember last spring:)


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