My Cousin's Etsy Shop - Victorian Aunts

A lot of you have commented on or emailed me about how special my old photo of my Victorian great great aunts or great grand aunts is in my recent post. 

I have a distant cousin that has used this special photograph as well in projects in her Etsy Shop.  One of the ladies is her Grandmother. 

Easter Bonnets 1

If you would like to have a look, check out my links to her shop Home Town Arts:

Easter Bonnets 1

Easter Bonnets 2

Easter Bonnets 3

Easter Bonnets 4

What would life be like today if we women still wore those hats?

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  1. Those are beautiful. Some of those doilies are so detailed. A suitable background for your aunts.

  2. Carlene: Is is just me or is there trouble with your button-egg post. It says it is not available??? Happy Wednesday..Judy


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