Easter Silhouettes and a Mini Cloche

March 11, 2012
I want a cloche. I have wanted one since I started blogging. I have not been able to find one locally or when I have went shopping in neighboring towns.

I saw a few on the internet, and boy, are they expensive. And who can have just one?

I work at a furniture store, and when my boss was recently at Las Vegas Market, she found cloches and ordered some sets for the store. I have been waiting for them to come in, but alas, they will not make it in before Easter. I think I will wait for them though, as I will get a sizeable employee discount from my boss.

In the meantime, I have a glass dome, covered food service piece, for cheese or butter that I am going to decorate for an Easter cloche.

This is what I did. I found three little metal frames I had in a drawer at my house. I spray painted them heirloom white. I left the glass off the frames and glued a piece of burlap to the cardboard backings.

Then this very tricky part. I purchased Easter foam sticker shapes at the Dollar Store. Now, to make them black. I first used a sharpie. This would work, but it takes a few coats and time. I then tried to spray paint the shapes with black paint. This worked but the force of the spray blew them around a bit. Tape them down with a tiny piece of tape if you try this. I then used a Sharpie over the tops of the painted shapes again just to even them out and make sure the shape was all covered. Then I pulled the backing off and tried to center the little silhouettes on the burlap/cardboard backing.

Then for the another hard part. I had planned to put both small frames in the cloche with shredded brown paper and Easter colored sixlets, but I couldn't get all of that in there without tipping over a frame or moving the sixlets all to one side of the plate. Anyway, I settled on one frame under the cloche.

Then for the last hard part. Taking photos of cloches is hard work. There are reflections bouncing off everything and mine had a little design etched into the glass that I had to work around too.

Well after all the blabbing and excuses, here it is...

My Easter Craft? Mini Cloche!



The Shabby Nest

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Oh they turned out perfect. What a great idea and the little frames are just perfect. Your cloche is beautiful. You need to link it to my "Spring/Easter Cloche Party" tomorrow. The cloche party will be instead of the Table Top Tuesday party. I will have the link up tomorrow afternoon. You did a great job. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  2. How adorable! I don't have a cloche either....used my cake dome. You are right! Trying to take pictures is really difficult! You did a wonderful job!
    Blessings, Audrey

  3. Don't have a 'real' cloche either but I've use the cheese and cake domes!! Your vignette is so cute! Love the idea!

  4. How cute did that turn out......love it. Could you use that chalboard scrapbook paper. It might not be think enough. Very cute.

  5. That is seriously cute! Saw you over at Homemaker On a Dime and am following you via GFC.

  6. Oh I am so thrilled you linked up to the party, I think this is fantastic. Hugs, Marty

  7. Ur cluttering is one of the best clutter I seen. The mini cloché is perfect for today's meme.

    Happy TTT,
    /Chubby & Chieque

  8. So cute!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Your display is very cute. I love the frames.


  10. I just adore those frames!!!...Very cute cloche display

  11. Hi Carlene, I am so happy I joined the cloche party as I am finding so many new friends! I have my first cloche ever--I never thought of using them until I found all these parties! And you are just so funny--I can see those pieces blowing around with spray paint going everywhere--oh no! I just have to follow you because I am an organized clutter sister too and because I LOVE your little head vases (yes, I clicked back through your posts and I shall return! :) Linda

  12. How Neat! Thanks for sharing your lovely idea,Joann

  13. It is beautiful! Gorgeous display!

  14. Love it! The silhouettes on burlap are sooooo cute! Stopping by from Random Thoughts.

  15. These are adorable! What a sweet display for the cloche and I really love the framed silhouettes. Thanks for sharing this at my link party. I know others will love to see this too.

  16. So super cute! Love the silhouettes and the chunky white frame. I have found several cloche substitues at thrift stores. Lots of cheese domes and cake plates. Once you put something under them, ta-da, they look great =) Just like yours =)

  17. Very cute silhouettes! Unique idea!
    Visiting from the Cloche Party

  18. I love these! What a great idea with the burlap:)

  19. This is so cute, and you combined two of my favorites: cloches and silhouettes! LOVE it!

    Linking from Random Thoughts :D

    Ricki Jill

  20. How cute is that! You just make do when you can't find what you want. That's being creative.

  21. Your mini cloche is adorable!

  22. Very cute!! I think you did a fine job "making do!!" Thanks for sharing on TT&J!!
    :) Christy

  23. Awww your silhouettes are so cute!

  24. So very cute Carlene. They look great with the white frames. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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