A Stepladder in the Flower Border

February 03, 2012
I just opened an email from Funky Junk Interiors reminding me that it's Saturday Nite Special link up time AND ladders are featured. 

I have had a stepladder in my front yard flower border for about 10 years.  I bought it at a neighbor's garage sale, and it was older looking when I purchased it.  After 10 summers in the garden, it is really weathered.  I put it in the shed for the long, snowy winters here in Minnesota.

My husband screwed super long screws through the top and a couple other steps.  I then put a terra cotta pot on the step with the screw in the pot's hole.  This holds the pot on tight.  

 I do put Thompson's Water Seal on it every couple years, but my husband informed me that the rungs with the spikes are starting to rot. 

I had a diamond frost and million bells in the pots last year and I guess I stuck in a couple nicotiana in the larger top pot too. 

Last year:

A previous year.

The ladder has provided vertical interest in my garden and has been a favorite of many of my neighbors and friends.

I hope you enjoyed it too!

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I love the ladder in your garden! What a great way to add varying heights. It looks like it belongs there! Great job.

  2. Oh wow! LOVE it! Your garden is so pretty. Pinning this.

  3. I love all the colors of your flower garden. That was a dose of inspiration I needed to get my yard in shape this year!

  4. Your garden is gorgeous..Just love the ladder amongst the flowers!...Just popped over from Grits and Glamour's party..Are you in North Carolina? I am in Chapel Hill.

  5. LOVE the ladder. I just posted about a week ago that this was an element I wanted to add to my garden this year. I just think it adds such an unexpected twist. Your garden is just gorgeous. So much inspiration. I hope I can get mine this pretty this year.
    Thanks for joining in the Wild About Mother Nature party. I plan on making this a monthly event. Please come back again. Blessings, Barb

  6. Now I know what to do with an old ladder ... put it in the garden. Good idea! Love the way your flowers are all blooming so happy.
    Joyce M

  7. Hi Carlene. Love your garden. Could you tell me about the tall red flowers? Are they dahlias? I think I would like to have something that looks like that in my garden this year (and ongoing, I'm assuming these are perinneals). Guess I'm going to have to pull out the ladder from my garage. I haven't had it in the garden for several years...I crave spring already.

    1. The tall red ones in the front of the angle photo are "Gardenview Scarlett" Monarda. The red ones on the right of the stepladder are "Maltese Cross". Thanks for your nice comments.

  8. How very cute and clever. I love it!

    Jocelyn @

  9. Hi, Just noticed the "Red Wing" pottery in your heading. Great post and love the Red Wing!!! Mumzie

  10. Love everything about your garden! In the second picture what are the short yellow flowers in front of the tall wood flower, they are so full and beautiful. Thank You, Gail

  11. Love the ladder...but more interested in the blue bird house...is that painted to look like that or did u drill holes in it.

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