Very Vintage Valentines

January 10, 2012
I want to share some very old valentines that were in an album that belonged to my Grandma. 

I tried to photograph them, but I couldn't get the photographs clear enough so I scanned them.    Some of the valentines were from the early 1900's and given between my grandma and her sisters and other family members.  In some cases, they were not signed but a name card was enclosed by the sender.  Some of the newer valentines were from the 1930's and were given to my father or his brother. 

I hope you enjoy them.

This valentine was labeled Carrington Co, Chicago, Ill.

This one had no label but was signed on the back from Dad and Mother.

This one is not labeled but contains a name card from sister Clara.

This one is marked made in Germany and is from Sis Agnes.  The parasol opens into a honeycomb.

This one is to my dad from a friend.  It is marked made in Canada.

I think this one is my favorite.  It is marked Carrington Co also and is addressed to my father from Leland.  I don't think I ever used the word, Oculist.

This one is also a Carrington Co addressed to Junior, my dad.

Also Carrington Co from Aunt Julia.

This one is an American Greetings USA from Virginia.

And the last one also a Carrington Co.  I love the lithography.

Hope you enjoyed my Very Vintage Valentines!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Carlene, Those are so cute and I love the sentiments. I love thinking of a simpler, more gentle time.
    I'm wondering where I put some old ones from my parents to each other. Hugs and happy early Valentine's Day.

  2. Thanks Babs. I will be putting these back in the album. They are very fragile but soon my own semi-vintage valentines will come out on display!

  3. Adorable cards! How lovely to have these sweet Valentine's of your Grandmothers. Enjoy them! :)

  4. Oh Carlene!
    Those are too cute. The 30's ones are my fav.

  5. Oh how nice you have valentines from family members! That makes them extra special. I wish they still made sweet cards like that they all seem to be super heroes now. Thanks for sharing, Laura

  6. Thanks so much for visiting! I really really enjoyed seeing your vintage Valentines. I found some old ones my father had given my mother in her cedar chest, back in their early days together.

    I am now following your blog. Follow me?


  7. I tried leaving you a comment, but got a notice that it failed permanently whatever that means!

    Love the vintage valentines, and let's see if this goes.


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