More of my Semi-Vintage Valentine Collection

January 15, 2012
I just have to smile when I look at these old valentines.  Some of them were from cousins before I even went to school and some are from my kindergarten class. 

Again just "sweet sayings" and "great graphics".  Enjoy!

Cartoon characters from the 1960's.


I love the graphics on these.  Like a Dick and Jane book.

Thanks for looking!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Carlene they're wonderful!! And bring back so many memories for me. I wish I'd saved all the ones I received as a child. They were so much like these. You were one smart cookie to keep them! Thanks for sharing! Vanna

  2. Thanks Vanna! It's hard to keep everything but fun to read through them 50 years later.


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