Changing the Mantel After Christmas II

January 06, 2012
I am restless.  My house has been "Disorganized Clutter" since I took the Christmas decorations down.  I want to incorporate some new ideas I have run across on the blogs or dreamed up myself into my rooms.  I want to repaint things.   I want to try Annie Sloane chalk paint.   I want to repaint the living room.  I want to do it all right now and not stop...

But I work 32 hours per week at a furniture store, and I can only do so much at once.  I am trying to remember this. 

I just had my mantel put back together after Christmas and a couple nights ago I looked up and had an idea to change it up a bit.  Why not move stuff I already own around the rooms?  That's free.  My husband shouldn't even mind that.

So here goes:

The mantel as it was earlier this week. 

Then I thought, why don't I take down the gold mirror and use this vintage picture over the mantel?  (Don't worry I already have a new location planned for my beloved mirror that hung in my childhood home over the console stereo)
When I added the vintage picture in the mirror's place, I thought it just seemed too small.  So I added another picture I already had and put it right underneath the first one.

I am starting to like this with the second picture added, after all, the pictures are the same subject matter, TEACUPS.   The addition of the second picture made the arrangement extend much higher up on the wall than before, so I put a couple of oil lamps on my book shelves instead of the teacups in the previous mantel photo.

I was ready to go with this mantel...for a little while.

HA HA!  See what I mean about restless.  I have changed it again!  It's Changing the Mantel After Christmas III!

The Shabby Nest

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  1. Your mantel looks great! Have a lovely weekend:)

  2. I can so relate to this post as I've spent quite a while this morning trying to arrange "stuff" on my own mantlepiece.
    My inspiration came from a magazine and although it still needs a couple of tweaks I think I've almost got it.
    The teacups look perfect there, the paintings too, you did a great job.

  3. I love your mantel and all those lovely tea cups. Tea is a favorite drink of mine. I was also looking at those beautiful baby dresses in your last post. How nice to still have them! Thanks for comign by my blog. I'm now following you and maybe you would like to come back for another visit! Thanks so much..

  4. Okay, i am now convinced we have a lot in common!! Love all of your tea cups! I collect tea cups and tea pots among MANY other things!!'
    I am a Victorian style gal at heart!


  5. Beautiful mantel!Love your tea cups.Wish I had them! Thanks for sharing JoAnn

  6. Oh, you are speaking to me sister! My Christmas stuff has been down for days, but I'm only just now getting it stored away. Yay! I love it when it's out, but I'm sure glad not to see it when Christmas is over.

    I love dishes and roses, so of course I have to love your stuff! Your large picture is a beauty, and your mantel looks great.

    Thank you for linking your post to my new party. Hope to see you again next week!

  7. Hi, thanks for linking back to my blog! However, this is a decorating question link party, and I don't see a question. Do you have a question?

  8. Sorry Betsy. My mistake. I am thinking of painting my living room a creamy white instead of the yellow, what do you think?


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