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January 30, 2012
While working on a family history a few years ago, a wonderful old photo of my family surfaced.  My grandma was one of eleven children, and the photograph was one of the few times all eleven brothers and sisters, and some extended family were all together in one place.

The occasion, a 1940's family gathering for a WWII navy seaman.  The sailor, Art, is one of the eleven children. 

Also making the photo endearing, are my 30 something year old grandma and grandpa, and my mom and her two sisters as children. 

I was planning to just enlarge the photo, when I saw an  advertisment for Canvas on Demand.  I scanned and emailed the company my old picture, and they shot me back a price quote, and some advise about how much I could enlarge the canvas without losing photo clarity. 

It may seem kind of unlikely, but I decided to hang my large black and white canvas in my laundry room.  First of all, my laundry room is right off from my kitchen, and sort of the center of the house.  The laundry room has two doorways, so someone is always walking through it.  Secondly, I have a breaker box and some visible wall patching from the old fuse box on that wall.  I used to hang a large tapestry over the area, but I wanted something different. 

Here is what the large canvas portrait ("20 x 30") looks like:

 I was and still am very pleased with the quality of the canvas and the retouching.  The photo was very old and had a slight blurriness at the very edges but it sort of worked.  Like the center was crisp and clear and the edges were a soft focus. 

I also had an old school photograph of my mom made into a portrait for a Christmas gift.

This is the school picture:

A fun little photo of a shy? little school girl in the thirties.

The following is copied from the Canvas on Demand's website - Vintage Customer Showcase.  The retouching was great and the special effects of pink on the buttons and bow made them pop on the black and white portrait.

Vintage Showcase
Carlene made this Great Canvas
Canvas created by: Carlene About My Photo I Turned
into Canvas Art
My mom's school girl picture from the 1930's that we recently discovered in an aunt's photograph collection.

Canvas created by: Carlene

My Experience
with Canvas On Demand
I purchased the photo from Canvas on Demand for a Christmas Present for my mom. She loved the picture!

About My Photo I Turned into Canvas Art: 
My mom's school girl picture from the 1930's, that we recently discovered in an aunt's photograph collection.

My Experience with Canvas On Demand:
Purchased the photo from Canvas on Demand for a Christmas Present for my mom. She loved the picture!

Turn Your Favorite Photographs
into Canvas Art.

End of website showcase.  If you you want to view it online here is the link:

I hope you enjoyed my Canvas on Demand family portraits.  I wouldn't be afraid to try them.  I think you would be pleased with their work.  (I am an unpaid spokesperson!)

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. That's a great idea! I love old black & white photos. Both are wonderful, the one of your Mom is precious! Thanks for sharing.


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