The Bearingers

December 18, 2011
My youngest child is now 17 years old.  When she was a small child, I purchased the Hallmark Bearingers family ornaments (they may have been on clearance). 

 The Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Daughter Bear and Son Bear all stand in front of a lighted fireplace.  My daughter, Kelly, played with those bears every day during the Christmas season.  It was her job to turn on the Bearinger's fireplace every night when I lighted the tree and other decorations.  As she grew older the Bearinger's stayed in the closet and didn't make an appearance over Christmas.  The truth is, they are not super decorative or creative. 

 The Bearingers are back this year.  My three year old twin grandchildren will be here next Saturday, Christmas Eve, and I hope they enjoy playing with the Bearingers.  Turning the fireplace light on and off, and placing the Bearingers on the hearth by matching their foot rectangle or triangle or square shape to the corresponding shape on the rug on the hearth.  New Bearinger Bear memories are yet to be made this Christmas!

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  1. Oh how fun. I love the bears and what a great keepsake ornament. I am sure the twins will love having it to play with.

    You asked if the dish I used was from a snack set fromt he 50's and yes it is. I found it at GW and it is just what I needed. Thanks for the visit. Hugs, marty


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