An Easy Thrift Shop Makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint & Old Sign Stencils

Thrift Shop Frame Upcycle with Paint & Stencils
My makeover today started with an 11 x 14 inch thrift shop frame.  Here's HOW I DID IT:

1.  I painted the frame with Fusion Mineral Paint in the "Algonquin".  Algonquin is a nice greige.  Fusion Mineral paint usually covers in one coat or 1 1/2 (to catch spots I missed), and there is no priming, sanding or topcoat needed. 

2. I used the "Vintage" stencil from *Old Sign Stencils FARMERS' MARKET extension stencils kit.  With the purchase of the Farmers' Market stencil and extensions, you can make signs like Vintage Market, SuperMarket, Flea Market, Flower Market and projects like this frame.

3.  I taped the "Vintage" stencil on the glass backwards so that the paint will be on the inside of the glass.  I then used a small foam roller and FolkArt  Multisurface paint in "Licorice".  This paint works very well with glass. I rolled on two coats.   The small sponge roller is made by Rimobul.  I like that I don't have to waste much paint filling up a larger roller. 

The sponge roller I used is the one on the far right.
4.  Next I traced my frame's cardboard backing onto a piece of Heat N Bond.  I had some on hand from crafting. I ironed the rectangle of heat and bond onto the BACK side of my fabric, following the manufacturer's directions.  Then I pulled off the paper backing and ironed the fabric to the frame's cardboard backing.  (I really could have had a heavier version of Heat N Bond for this project to make it stick to the cardboard better.)  The good thing about the Heat N Bond is that it gives the fabric some stiffness and body, kept it from wrinkling, and stops raveling too.
5.  Then I just put my frame together.  (I let the paint on the glass cure for about 48 hours.)

Thrift Shop Frame Upcycle with Paint & Stencils

Thrift Shop Frame Upcycle with Paint & Stencils
I had a nice scrap of upholstery material that worked well for my project.  The "Vintage" almost looks like velvet!

Thrift Shop Frame Upcycle with Paint & Stencils

Thrift Shop Frame Upcycle with Paint & Stencils
I did another frame like the "Vintage" one above with Fusion Mineral Paint in Algonquin and the Cabin stencil from the Getaway Collection from Old Sign Stencils.  The only difference was burlap rather than upholstery material.

I received complimentary stencils from Old Sign Stencils and paint from Fusion Mineral Paint.  All opinions about the products are mine.
*Old Sign Stencils provided me with complimentary samples.
All opinions about these fabulous products are my own.

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  1. I love it! Your stencils are great.

  2. I like it. And I think I have that frame, or at least one very similar. I'll have to look.

  3. Very nice. You're right about the HeatnBond. I use the heavier type for non sewing applications. The lite is best for sewing as the heavier type backing sticks to the needle. You are constantly coming up with great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration. Karen.

  4. Is the dog for sale?? My grandmother had that exact one and when she passed away a very greedy niece came in and scooped up all her treasures. I would love to get one to replace it.

    1. Sorry no. The dog is part of my vintage dog figurine collection.

  5. I like these calm elegant colors. The "Vintage" and texture make to feel urge to touch them. Nice effect :)

  6. have so many great ideas. Love the stencil. Thought of you while visiting 2 shops yesterday..Oh the goodies at such great prices. Enjoy a lovely weekend


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