A Valentine's Day Target Dollar Spot Project

Don't you love the dollar bins in the front of Target stores?  We don't have a Target in my home town, but when I visit a Target, I always search the bins for craft supplies.  The last time I visited a Target, I purchased this unfinished wood heart for $3.

First I stained the heart with a darker walnut stain and then painted it with red Dutch Boy Chalky Finish Paint.  

I somehow came up with the idea to hang my heart from a hanger.

I think I was kind of thinking about this hanger frame idea of mine.

But how do I tie the hanger and heart idea together?  Search the internet for a quote or sign about hang and heart or love.  There really is a song by Sade, "Hang on to your Love".  (My heart turned out to be kind of a groaner pun!)

I designed and  printed out the script of song title in Picmonkey.  You must reverse your quote before printing, and if you have an inkjet printer you must copy your print on a Xerox laser printer.  

Then I used regular matte finish Mod Podge to transfer my song lyrics to the heart.  Instructions for a Mod Podge image transfer are all over the internet and pinterest if you are not familiar with the process.

  I sanded my heart with a little sandpaper.  

I rubbed on a little clear wax to protect my image, and added eye screws to my heart and hanger.  To finish my hanging heart, I tied the eye screws together with jute.

Super easy!

And, since I had red paint out, I painted an old wooden calendar holder, attached a piece of Menard's sheet chalkboard, and stenciled on a design on top.  Two red projects for this Valentine's Day season.

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  1. I love how it turned out, Carlene...so fun using the hanger!

  2. As usual - super cute and creative. I like that you hung it on a hanger. Great idea!

  3. I always love your stencil and painting projects! These are both awesome.

  4. I love this project! I would never have thought of the hanger but it is marvelous! You have my creative juices going.

    xo Dianne


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