Best of Organized Clutter 2016

Fun in the Garden with Coffeepots
In 2016, I became an AVID stenciler!  I stenciled signs like this "coffee sign" above three re-purposed coffeepot planters.  See the details HERE.

Vintage & Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Displays

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Displays
In February of 2014, I created a wall display in my kitchen with a barn board, mismatched hooks, cutting boards, a shutter, and a chippy step stool.  See that post here for details.  I still love it, so I work around it at Christmas time.  This year I added a "Vintage Christmas" Sign, a wispy faux pine wreath with a scrap of red checked ribbon, vintage Christmas post cards and a tree shaped cutting board transformed into a Christmas card holder.

Repurposed Thrift Shop Picture Frame Christmas Tree

My Christmas project today starts with this pile of thrift shop frames.  The sizes are, measured from outside edges, 12" x 10", 14" x 17", 17" x 24", and 5 3/4" x 7".


2016 Christmas Mantel with Vintage Dresser Mirror Frame Salvage

I purchased this dresser mirror salvage piece for my mantel earlier this year at Jackson's Icebox Antiques and Collectibles.  

Thrift Shop Farm House Coffee Table

Here is a recent thrift shop coffee table purchase.

A Stenciled Window Screen with Old Sign Stencils

Last summer I picked up some window screens at a garage sale in two sizes.  

Re-purposed Cutting Board Christmas Card Holder

You know me, always picking up cutting/breadboards.  This one is from a garage sale.

Rustic Saw Horse Christmas Display

My husband and I went to a moving sale a month ago, and this rustic saw horse was marked free.  Although my husband did not see the need to bring it home with it's rotten spots and all, I thought it would be a fun junk garden piece.

Two Features in Country Sampler's Christmas Decorating Magazine

I am so happy to be have two of my blog photos featured in the 2016 issue of Country Sampler's Christmas Decorating Magazine.

Vintage Colonial Style End Table Up-cycle

This is a colonial style vintage end table I purchased at the thrift shop recently.

It's quite large and has storage inside and in front for magazines.

A Rustic Ski Themed Winter/Christmas Outdoor Vignette

Vintage Rustic Ski Lodge Themed Outdoor Vignette
Who would have thought that it would be a balmy 70 degrees here today in northern Minnesota?  I usually work on my covered patio outdoor Christmas vignette during Minnesota deer hunting season, but normally the weather is much cooler and there may even be some snowflakes.  

A New Ski Lodge Sign with Old Sign Stencils

A chippy scrap of barn wood siding and a pair of $10 vintage, garage sale skis come together in my latest project.  

An Upcycled Thrift Shop Pantry Stool

New Pantry Stencil from Old Sign Stencils
I purchased the little homemade step stool at a thrift shop the other day.  Since my laundry room is next to my kitchen, it serves as a combination pantry/laundry room.

Another Thrift Shop Cutting Board Up-cycle - 3 Ways

My love affair with cutting/bread boards continues! I buy them at thrift shops and garage sales all the time.  Here is my latest one.

A Clearance Sign Makeover with Old Sign Stencils New LAUNDRY Design

I purchased this Americana primitive style flag sign about 6 years ago at a local craft shop.  It had been placed on clearance for $8.  I incorporated it for several years in my outdoor 4th of July decorating and I also used it indoors for Americana/patriotic vignettes.  

A Coffee Themed Coffee Table

I have actually had this little table for over a year.  I got it for a song at a local thrift shop.  I loved the hairpin legs, even though they were brass or gold tone.

More From My Craft Room/Guest Room/Den Makeover

I am still busy purging, organizing and re-doing my den/guest room into a triple purpose room.  It is now becoming a craft room as well.  This rustic wooden shelf was used for a while in my shop for display.  I decided to paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen and faux distress it with the Plaid Layering Block. I have shared previous projects with the Plaid Layering Block herehere, and here.  I am planning to do a training video very soon on the Plaid Layering Block and share it on my blog.

Re-Purposed Shutter Vintage Wall Decor

About a year ago, I purchased two slat style shutters with chippy red paint at one of my local favorites Jackson's Icebox Antiques & Collectibles. 

Ironing Board Repurpose with Old Sign Stencils & Plaid Layering Block

In 2015, I removed the legs from an old wooden ironing board, painted it with chalk paint and hung it on the door between my laundry room and kitchen.

Updates on Projects and Life...

Besides the den/guest room/craft room redo, I have had lots going on.  Where have I been?
Going from Peking (goldish tan) to Dover White in the den/guest room/craft room.  Almost done!

To hosting a party at the senior apartments for my mom's 85th birthday party!  My mom is doing great at 85.

Dated Decorative Storage Box Makeover

I purchased these floral Tri-Coastal Design decorative boxes 10+ years ago brand new.  I would like to use them in my craft room/den/guest room makeover.

Wall Art With Thrift Shop Frames

I am still working on the makeover of my den/guest room/craft room.  The wall behind the sofa has a new wall display arranged from 3 frames, a wooden letter "C" from a Hobby Lobby clearance sale, and two wooden basketball shapes from our local craft shop.

Organizing My Clutter & A New Toy!

After 4 1/2 years of blogging, Organized Clutter has to downsize and organize clutter...

 I apologize for being missing in action while I purge, organize and redecorate my den into an Organized Clutter friendly space.  Stuff needs to go!

Up-cycled Decor for my Daughter's Apartment

I have been helping my daughter decorate her new apartment.  We are fixing up furniture and decor, mostly with paint, to both unify the items and update them too.  
When I wanted to add hooks for coats and purses on an entry wall, I used a red pallet arrow that I had purchased at a Moving Sale at Morgan's Mercantile and General Store, a local occasional shop.

Dated Vintage Vinyl Brick Tile Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Usually this old terracotta vinyl tile floor in my foyer is covered with lots of scatter rugs because I don't like the floor anymore.  One year ago in August, while my husband was away for four days for a fly in fishing trip, I decided to paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  While white may not be the best color for an entry, I will have a mat and a couple of scatter rugs to keep it as clean as possible.  

I thought the creamy white would lighten up the whole area.

So I started painting, and ran out of paint about 2/3's of the way through the project.  I called several friends that use chalk paint to rehab furniture and nobody had any to spare.  There are no stockists for 100 miles.  

So I covered my half painted floor with some area rugs, and quickly ordered more paint and floor laquer online to finish the job.

And then LIFE happened, you know, unforeseen events, problems, time constraints, etc. and soon we had snow and I thought it would be difficult to use our other door regularly in the winter time, while a floor painting project was happening.

I ended up finishing the job this month.  I applied two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  

I decided early on in the project to lightly distress the edges of some of the vinyl brick tile so if I eventually get some scratches they would not be as noticeable.  I used a white terry cloth rag and a green scrubby pad for the distressing.  I cut the scrubby pad into smaller pieces, and took a new piece, every time my pad got too clogged with chalk paint.  

My technique was to lightly (using very little pressure) rub the green scrubby pad along the edge of a brick and then wipe with the rag.  This worked pretty well.  I did it very randomly, some tile edges are more distressed than others.  The older vinyl tile in my foyer had very little shine, if any, and the paint seemed to adhere well.  In fact some of the floor that had been painted last year was much harder to distress and I had to rub more firmly to remove paint in spots down to the tile.  Next, I had to seal and protect my painted floor.


Another Project for my Repurposed Photo Holder Gallery Wall

I found some really great home made screens at a garage sale last month.  They hadn't been painted or stained.  I gave them two coats of vinegar & steel wool stain to darken them up a bit.  The recipe for the vinegar and steel wood stain is all over Pinterest.

Flowers EVERYWHERE Directional Garden Sign

Flowers Everywhere Directional Sign
I just finished stenciling the second directional sign I purchased last weekend at the local occasional shop sale.

A Funky Junk - Old Sign Stencils Copycat "Lunch" Window Project

A $5 old window, craft paint, a foam roller, jute, eye screws, black wood screws, old enamelware pans, and of course a stencil from Funky Junk Interiors/Old Sign Stencils are the materials needed to complete this project.

ORGANIZED CLUTTER'S Junk Garden Tour 2016

Junk Garden Tour 2016
Welcome to my 2016 junk garden tour!

Since my house faces north, I have shade lovers like hosta, Solomon's Seal and impatiens planted under my bay window.


Yard of Flowers Tour 2016
Today I'm sharing my annual blog tour of my sister in law Kris's  YARD OF FLOWERS.  The tour is always a delightful mix of colorful annuals, perennials and whimsical and rusty junk!

This photo, of a fun raised window frame with bird bath pedestal and galvanized boiler full of geraniums, is in the front yard.


LAKE Directional Sign with Old Sign Stencils

When you are out and about garage sale-ing, thrifting, and browsing consignment and occasional shops too, you just never know what you will find.  I am the queen of cheater building, but this was the start to a couple of really easy projects, even for me.  I ran across these two directional signs at Morgan's Mercantile & General Store, a local occasional shop and Etsy store too.  The owner confessed  that she can't stencil and the signs weren't selling as is.  I used to feel that way too about stenciling, but with practice and a really dry stencil brush, I think everybody can get the hang of it.

$4 Thrift Shop Bookshelf To Stylish Bathroom Storage Piece

I purchased this small bookshelf a few months ago at a local thrift shop for $4.  The ends were wood but shelves were veneered particleboard.  

When my daughter needed a storage piece above the toilet in her apartment, I set out to restyle this piece.  First the bottoms each side were sawed off to make the shelf appear more like a wall shelf instead of a floor shelf.

Next I painted the shelf with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.  I distressed the shelf and stenciled on a "doily" on two of the shelves using ivory craft paint and a 10" x 10" Decoart stencil called Mandala.  The stencil was a little to wide but still worked out very well.

Farmhouse Kitchen Plate Rack Makeover

 My new project begins with this circa 1970's wood shelf with plate groove that I purchased at a garage sale this summer.  I think it may be a Home Interiors shelf.

Shovel Head Art for the Garden

I recently purchased this old rusty shovel with a broken handle for 50 cents at a garage sale.


Remember Liquid Fence for Deer!

I live across the street from the Rainy River in northern Minnesota, and once in a while a deer family, (doe and one fawn or two fawns) takes up residence night after night feeding on our bird feeders and some of my flowers.

This year I really haven't seen deer in my yard, so I was lulled into a false sense of security.  

But, as I prepare for my online, virtual junk garden tour for 2016, and have been deadheading daily, I ran across some evidence of deer.

First, I noticed the buds from the Black Eyed Susan Perennials were chewed off.  I was mildly upset but I thought they are later bloomers and may have time to form new buds.

Garden Tour Sneak Preview

2016 Junk Garden Tour Preview

Take A Second Look At Some Underused Annuals!

Move Over Petunias, Give Under-Used Annuals a Second Look
In garden centers jam packed with sun loving petunias, geraniums, calibrachoas, verbenas, and lobelias, shade loving impatiens and fuchsias, and sun to partial shade geraniums and coleus, I like to search out the underused and under-loved annuals.  The annuals that seem to be getting harder to find.

Early July Garden Updates

Coffeepot Junk Garden Planters
Here are my coffeepot planters from a May 23rd post.  Flowers were newly planted. The sign is stenciled with an Old Sign Stencils product.

A Junk Garden Path Can Be A Work Of Art

A Whimsical Junk Garden Pathway
If you have followed my blog for long, you will recall the whimsical garden paths created by my sister in law, Kris.  Garden path 2016 has a geometric design, with bricks aligned inside rectangular rusty metal industrial frames.  

Antique Dresser Salvage on the Mantel

I have been looking at this dresser mirror salvage piece at Jackson's Icebox Antiques & Collectibles for a couple of years now.  I knew the piece was large, and the only place it would work was on my mantel.  

But I turned 60 last week, and I guess I thought, what am I waiting for if I like it? And I took the plunge and purchased it. 

Garden Inspiration from the Homeroad Blog!

Garden Signs with Spindle Legs & Old Sign Stencils
Recently, Susan from the Homeroad blog, had a fun garden sign made with spindle legs.  When I found spindles at a garage sale for $1 last weekend, I quickly stenciled a sign on a weathered red piece of barn wood siding using a stencil from the Old Sign Stencil Extension package.

Junk Garden (Hen and) Chick Starters

My first chick starter project started out with the top part from a Hudson chicken feeder that I purchased for $3.75.

Updated Junk Garden Container Photos

This frame used to hold my "almost" famous framed lobelia.  But this year I gave the frame a whitewashing, and planted an annual baby's breath instead of a lobelia.  Here it is at planting on May 18th.

I Bought a "Thingamajig" for my Junk Garden

When you are a junk gardener you must not only find great annuals and perennials to fill your gardens, you MUST find great junk to plant flowers in and unusual pieces to place in your garden.

Two New Additions to my Junk Garden

The first new addition was this little wooden wheelbarrow that I purchased garage sale-ing for $1.  

More Garden Projects with Funky Junk Interiors' Old Sign Stencils

I purchased this old wooden tool box last week. It had a taped handle.  The tape was almost disintegrated from age, but I pulled it all off, and glued the many cracks with wood glue and used zip ties to hold the handle together until the glue was set.    

A Vintage Kiddie Gym Wooden Swing Plant Holder