Framed Postage Stamp & Button Christmas Trees

Yes, I am crafting for Christmas in September!

Crafting for Christmas
This framed button Christmas tree was one of my most popular Christmas crafts of 2012.

My latest framed Christmas trees feature both old postage stamps and buttons.  
Here I am soaking old cancelled stamps off  envelopes with a bowl of water.  I then dried them on paper towel.  These stamps are fairly old  (probably 50's and 60's) but not valuable.  


My Rustic Fall Covered Patio 2014

Funnel Junk Jack o'Lantern
Remember the funnel junk jack o'lantern I put together HERE.

Funnel Junk Jack o'Lantern
The funnel jack o'lantern is now sitting on a rustic little table on my front step.


DIY Fall Copper Tray Tiered Stand

My project today starts with two thrift shop wooden candlesticks, a flat wooden pillar candle holder, and a round vintage copper serving tray.  I cleaned the tray with a lemon and salt and a little steel wool to remove some of the stains but not all of the patina.

Re-Purposed Vintage Tray Christmas Art on Barn Wood

I purchased this old tray last fall.  An idea came to me to cut a tree shape out of the center of it with tin snips.


One Rustic Fall Vignette Two Ways - Take Your Pick!

Fall Barn Wood/Ladle Candlerholder
Remember my  barn wood and vintage ladle re-purposed fall candle holder post from August?  While decorating my covered patio, I ended up with a small vignette dilemma.

Raffia in Fall Decor

I seem to tie or tuck raffia into almost all of my fall vignettes.  It reminds me of straw, and I love the way the wind blows it back and forth outdoors.  Here are examples of my fall raffia ideas.

Autumn Projects & Vignettes
I tied some raffia on my funnel Jack o'Lantern here.


A Re-Purposed Shutter Shelf for a Vintage, Rustic 3/4 Bath

I made a new shutter shelf for my 3/4 bathroom from a $4 thrift shop purchase.  $2 for the shutter, 


Odds & Ends: Easy Fall Sign & Nail Polish Holder

I have two easy projects to share today.

Shovel Handle Display Tray
After completing this Shovel Handle Display Tray, I had the shovel head left over.

Rusty Shovel Garden Signs
Why not make another rusty shovel sign like these?

So I did!  This is the chalk lettering that I traced onto the shovel head back. 


Small Updates to my Small 3/4 Bathroom

When I was a child, I remember going to rummage sales with my mother in my current neighborhood.   My neighborhood was where the business owners and doctors in town once lived, (circa the 1960's); the homes of the local rich and famous.  

At the time, rummage sale-ing was not as widely accepted as it now.  My mother, a rummage sale fanatic, went to rummage sales because she couldn't afford to buy all new, not because salvaging, up-cycling and re-purposing was trendy!  I remember hiding in the back seat of the car when she went to rummage sales lest my more fortunate classmates see us purchasing their second hand stuff.

It was then, that I set my sights on living in this very subdivision, someday...

And it did happen.  I have actually owned two houses in this neighborhood.  I currently live in a doctor's old house, but my house is pretty ordinary.

Let me say that doctors lived pretty frugally in the 1950's when my house was built.  It has two bathrooms (we had one growing up), but the second bathroom is very small.  I once decorated the 3/4 bathroom with an outhouse theme. Yes, it's not much larger than a good sized outhouse.

 This is the vanity in my 3/4 bath.  Small, and pretty cheap no frills builder's grade.

A $5.49 Re-purposed Vintage Store Paper Roll Holder Plant Stand

My plant stand started out as this $5 vintage roll paper holder.


Up-cycling Thrift Shop Finds with Wood Appliques

 I purchased this unusually shaped basket thrifting recently for five dollars.