My First Mod Podge Image Transfer onto a Clipboard

I picked up these two vintage clipboards for $1 each thrifting last month.  I liked the old clips but I hated the faux marble laminates.  The backs have the familiar brown masonite.

Mod Podge Image Transfer on a Clipboard
I knew ASCP would stick to the slick surface, so I painted  two coats of Old White on one of the clipboards.  I painted the other with black chalkboard paint.

Since I thought I would be hanging this clipboard in my kitchen, I used the Graphic Fairy's silverware image.

I made a toner photocopy of my inkjet image.  Then I cut closely around the image with a scissors, and spread Mod Podge Photo Transfer Solution over the image with a sponge brush.  I carefully laid the image on the bottom of the clipboard and smoothed it out carefully.

When the image was totally dry, I used a water spray bottle to moisten the paper.  I then began rubbing my fingertips over the paper until it came off in rolls.  I also sealed the clipboard and image with ASCP clear wax.

I cut out a vintage stove polish ad from a December 1917 Ladies Home Journal and added it to the clipboard.  

Mod Podge Image Transfer on a Clipboard
I could also clip a photo or a recipe or even a small recipe booklet.  

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  1. Bonjour,

    Je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver après mes longues semaines d'absence... Le soleil, la lumière et la végétation luxuriante de l'Île Maurice me manquent déjà ! Ma consolation est de pouvoir ouvrir à nouveau la porte de votre blog...
    Je découvre aujourd'hui une publication qui mérite de l'intérêt avec vos bonnes idées. Merci de les avoir partagées avec nous.
    Gros bisous

  2. So glad to see this image transfer technique still in use. I hadn't seen it in a while. I used to teach this method to the teens in Vacation Bible School. I asked someone recently about this method and she had never heard of it. Kudos to you...keep it alive.
    Your clipboard looks fantastic. What a neat addition to the kitchen!

  3. Love the clip board!! My hubby used to use clipboards at his old job...wonder if he has any left the he doesn't need.

  4. Your kitchen transformation is coming along nicely! Ya know, I have one of these in my office cupboard.... this is an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing, and thank you for visiting my post at Silo Hill Farm.


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