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Here at Organized Clutter, I am constantly looking for ways to decorate and repurpose with vintage finds in my home and flower gardens.  

My project today is for junior junkers.  Everything is magnetic so the Jack o'Lantern's face can be changed over and over with other junk drawer items.  Obviously not for children under three, but older children may like creating new pumpkin faces and expressions with magnetic junk.

With kitchen ware and utensils in steady and ready supply inexpensively at the local thrift shops, I was able to re-purpose an assortment of junk pumpkins this fall.


1972 Partridge Family Comic Books

Are you a baby boomer?  If you are, chances are you remember the Partridge Family and David Cassidy.

Partridge Family Comic Book http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/1972-partridge-family-comic-books.html
My Aunt bought some old comics at a rummage sale recently, and three of them were Partridge Family.  This issue from Charlton Comics is dated January 1972, and the price was 20 cents.  (I was in tenth grade in 1972.)  I know I watched the show faithfully but I don't think I had any Partridge Family comics.


A Re-Purposed Breadboard Clipboard

Re-Purposed Breadboard Clipboard http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/a-re-purposed-breadboard-clipboard.html
Last April I found an old breadboard for $2 at a thrift shop here.  I still remember the clerk saying to me at the cash register, "I wouldn't cut bread on it".  I didn't intend to cut bread on it either.  But I loved the breadboard's primitive shape and warm worn patina.

Re-Purposed Breadboard Clipboard http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/a-re-purposed-breadboard-clipboard.html
At the very same thrift shop just last week, I found a baggie of old Bulldog clips for $1.  This one had a nice aged patina too.


Have You Met The Garden Charmers?

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Pinterest Inspired Clipboard Photo Wall

I saved this photo on my Pinterest boards a long time ago.  I loved the clipboards with vintage photos in their original folders.

Clipboard Photo Wall http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/pinterest-inspired-clipboard-photo-wall.html

Slowly I found three old clipboards at rummage sales, and luckily my Aunt had one to give me too, to make four. Three of them were A & W Crown clipboards.

Clipboard Photo Wall http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/pinterest-inspired-clipboard-photo-wall.html
Here are my four clipboards on my kitchen table.


Thrifting and Antique Shopping

Are you familiar with a vintage dough riser?

Vintage Dough Riser http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/thrifting-and-antique-shopping.html

Vintage Dough Riser http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/thrifting-and-antique-shopping.html
This is a vintage or antique dough riser.  I fell in love with the cover first.  It was red. (although I don't think it came that way and was painted at sometime).  It's fairly big.  Maybe too big for my small kitchen but I may use it for a kitchen utensil display.  If it is just too big for my house, I will use it outside in my garden.  I paid $19 for it.

My great grandmothers may have used something like this for bread to feed their large families, but thankfully I have never had to bake that much bread.  It would hold a lot of dough.  

A Repurposed Pot Lid Snowman

The last couple days we have seen a dusting of snow already.  I haven't even put my garden bike away yet.  Really I'm not looking forward to snow, but I made another snowman today.

I think I have mentioned a few times before that I go to thrift and consignment shops on my lunch hours.  I live in a small town, and there really isn't much shopping here.  We have no place to look for salvage.  I find a few things at an antique shop once in a while.  So I work with what I can find, an abundance of kitchen utensils and bakeware/cookware.
Pot Lid Snowman http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/a-repurposed-pot-lid-snowman.html
 I started with three mismatched pot lids.


Zinc Jar Lid Christmas Tree Ornaments

When I go thrifting, I often see zinc jar lids for $1 each.  Hmmm... What could I make with zinc lids?

Zinc Jar Lid Christmas Tree Ornaments http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/zinc-jar-lid-christmas-tree-ornaments.html
I punched a hole in the middle side of the three lids with a larger nail and a hammer.  Just look at the great zinc patina of these vintage lids.


Re-purposed Cake Pan Snowman

I think that almost every woman in my small northern Minnesota town either collects snowmen now, or has collected snowmen in the past, including me.  I have purchased and/or crafted hundreds of them.  Though their heyday has past, snowmen will always be a winter and Christmas decoration here in the Northland. 

My collection of snowmen is very small now.  I used to keep them out all winter, but the past few years, I have put them away with the Christmas decor. Now, I dream of spring as soon as Christmas is over.  Too bad winter lasts until at least April here (and until May 1st this year).  The older I get the less I like snow, and truth be told, the less I like men too (or at least have much less patience with them), so snowmen have lost most of their appeal with me.

Then why did I make a snowman today?  Because when I saw these layer cake pans at the consignment shop, they screamed snowman.  (Just like the other cake pans screamed pumpkin to me!)

Repurposed Cake Pan Snowman
There.  Don't they look like a snowman?


JUNKERS UNITED with a JUNK GALLERY WALL, a pin board and a link party!

Junkers United with a Junk Gallery Wall www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com

Welcome to Organized Clutter, and welcome to Junkers' United first round up!  I jumped at the opportunity to join this team of talented DIY women, including our fearless leader, Funky Junk Donna.

If you are new here, I call my blog, Organized Clutter, because my hobby is hunting for vintage bargains, and using them as home decor.  To manage all of my collections, I need to be organized.


An Organized Clutter 2013 Fall/Halloween Decorating & Crafting Round Up with Friends!

I started my fall projects in August this year.  2013 will go down in blog history as the year of the "junk pumpkins", cake pan pumpkins, jello mold pumpkins, gear pumpkin, bicycle wheel pumpkin, a chef pumpkin, and a bun warmer pumpkin.  

Let's look back at 22 posts featuring fall or Halloween projects or decor:

2013 Fall/Halloween Round Up http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/an-organized-clutter-2013-fallhalloween.html

1.   In this post, I re-purpose a vintage bun warmer as a pumpkin.
2.   My potting sink was a great spot to set up my Chef Junk Boyardee.
3.   This project was inspired by a vintage fall paint-by-number.
4.   I thought that funnels looked a lot like fall cornucopias in this coke crate vignette.
5.   The potting sink got a new look with old lanterns with pumpkins and a berry sieve with Indian corn.
6.   Old plastic Burwood owl plaques get spray painted as Halloween decor.
7.   Another fall crate vignette.
8.   A re-purposed gear junk pumpkin.
9.   The first of the cake pan junk pumpkins.
10. This fall door swag was cinch to make with a vintage trouser hanger.
11.  Use your vintage collectibles in your fall decor.
12.  Mums on the potting sink and in a rustic chair in a early fall potting bench.
13.  An old bicycle wheel becomes a junk pumpkin.
14.  An early fall fruit harvest mantel & a coconut oil tip.
15.  Adding fall floral stems and putka pods to vintage oil lamps.
16.  Here is another cake pan junk pumpkin.
17.  Here's an easy re-purposed potato masher wire cloche.
18.  One of my vintage head vases becomes the Black Widow.
19.  Vintage individual Jello molds get re-purposed as junk pumpkins. 
20.  From funnels to candy corn.
21.  Photos from my outdoor covered patio including this fall vignette, and more vintage junk!
22.  Placing my Jello mold pumpkins in a fall kitchen vignette.


How I Made A Pumpkin Into Chef Junk Boyardee

Making a Chef Junk Pumpkin http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/how-i-made-pumpkin-into-chef-junk.html
Here are the items that I used to make a junk pumpkin chef:  a cloth dish towel, a pumpkin, a bucket, the top of a milk can, a white gourd, twigs, washers, nuts and an unknown metal part.  (maybe some sort of wrench)


Vintage Bun Warmer Re-purposed As A Pumpkin

I have had my eye on this vintage Westbend bun warmer for a couple weeks now.  Every time I went in the consignment shop I asked myself, "Should I buy it?  Should I make it into a pumpkin?".   It was $4.

Vintage Bun Warmer http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/vintage-bun-warmer-re-purposed-as.html
I thought the shape was perfect, and I finally bought it this week.

The top knob came off completely with a screwdriver, but I was a little disappointed that when the side knobs came off, I was left with two metal bars on each side that didn't come off.  Now what?  

I thought since I had already had $4 into it that I may as well try painting it.  I spray painted the top and bottom with the side knobs with an orange shade of Rustoleum spray paint.  I painted the knob with green spray paint.

Funnels Re-Purposed as Fall Cornucopias

Do these look like cornucopias to you?  They do to me.

Old Funnels


Easy Fall Vintage Junk Decorating

A shopping trip to my local thrifting and consignment shops this week produced the ingredients to this easy, vintage junk vignette recipe.

Vintage Paint by Number http://organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com/2013/10/easy-fall-vintage-junk-decorating.html
Ingredient number one was this vintage fall paint by number scene for $6.  I loved its vibrant color.


The Christmas Decorating Archives

I started blogging in early December, 2011.

I really and truly thought that I was ready.  (But I look back now and shudder).  The photo quality, the photo quantity (sometimes one photo per post), and sometimes even the idea needed a little tweaking.

Here are photos from my very first Christmas as a blogger:  (be nice, I was a blogging virgin!)

Christmas mantel
Here is my mantel with oil lamps and teacups and a pine swag.  

Three Dollar Halloween Decor

It's October 1st today, and I just finished a Halloween project!

1977 Burwood Owl Plaques
My project started with the purchase of these 1977 Burwood owl plaques that I purchased thrifting for $3.  They are 3d molded or formed plastic, and this type of plaques and the owls too were popular back in the 1970's. I really liked the orange and black eyes. I thought they would give the owls a Halloween look.