Recent Thrifty Finds Including a Gas Nozzle

Junking is always up and down. Some weeks I can find a lot of things I like at a good price, and some weeks go by with no luck at all.

Here are some noteworthy finds that will work out well for decorating my home.

Vintage and distressed wooden tulips in an ugly green container for $2. The tulips are great, but I may have to either antique or paint the pot to tone down the green or simply set the container in a terra cotta pot. You will see them pop up in post soon.

A great little white, distressed miniature metal oil lamp for $5. No chimney. I will have to find one to fit and it has to be very narrow at the bottom. Perfect for rustic vignettes.

Vintage, rusty grass clippers for $6. They will fit right in with my garden tool collection.

I think this is an egg tray. Unmarked. 12 indentations but most deviled egg trays have the egg laying lengthwise instead of up and down. It might be silverplate or very shiny stainless. I could picture it with decorated Easter eggs on it. $2.

Then two lady figurines to add to my collection. Florence Ceramics Sue Ellen and Delia. No damage. $4 each.

Then my most unusual find, a Buckeye gas nozzle. I think it's brass. I paid $6. This will probably go in my junk flower garden unless I find out it has some value for resale.

So would you have picked up my thrifty finds too?

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Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

A Box of Cobalt Blue

I love vintage tablecloths and cobalt blue glass vases.

My Grandma always called these colorful print tablecloths, lunch cloths. I have quite a few lunch cloths that I picked up for the beautiful designs but I don't use them much. I hate ironing. When lunch cloths were in style, women definitely did a lot of ironing.

This lunch cloth is a beauty, poppies, daisies and bachelor button or cornflowers. Not sure what the yellow flowers are.

I had a little wooden shadow box with a bead board bottom that I just re-painted a creamy white and added handles to the sides. I distressed it a bit. I think it will make a great vignette box.

Here my white box full of cobalt blue vases.

These vases aren't especially expensive or rare but displayed all together, the cobalt blue color is quite beautiful! I hope you enjoyed my little vase collection!

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shabby creek cottage

The Shabby Nest


My Favorite Outdoor Collectible

I don't know how long ago, but quite a while ago, when I first became a garage sale attendee, junker, collector, I found the most fabulous wheelbarrow! It was $15, and I couldn't get it home fast enough. I was so afraid someone else would offer more for it, and steal it away from me.

I immediately found a couple of galvanized laundry tubs to set in it.

The plantings have changed over the years but I don't think I have ever not planted Nicotiana in the large tub.

Here is the first digital photo I have, of the wheelbarrow, in 2004, along with our new pug puppy Otis.

Nicotiana, heliotrope, and purple and pink surfina petunias and Otis.

Mixed Nicotiana and surfina petunias.

Mixed Nicotiana, Dusty Miller, Million Dollar Bells and Asparagus Fern.

Nicotiana, Gaura, Heat Tolerant Lobelias, and Million Bells.

I love the rusted metal legs and wheel, the chippy white paint, the galvanized laundry tub planters, all combined with beautiful summer flowers! This is a favorite of mine and my neighbors! I seal it every couple years with Thompson's clear water seal to keep it from rotting.


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Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Not Thinking Spring Here Today

I envy you all in blogland that are pulling out your spring decor!  The following are views outside my windows this morning:

My Deck.

The view in front of the house.

The view out back.

The view on the side.

Out the other living room picture window.
And still coming down!  Not looking like spring yet!