Dairy Farm Stanchion Junk Garden Decor

One of my latest junk garden purchases is a old dairy farm stanchion.  A stanchion held a cow in place while being milked.

YARD of FLOWERS Junky Purple Coneflowers

Sometimes garden junk falls apart.  Sometimes it's sad, but thankfully sometimes it's not because broken junk can become something even better.
Here is a old nail barrel in my sister in law Kris's garden from a few years back.  The bottom had rotted out of it.

 And here is a rustic white wooden planter that Kris had added some junky rusty metal panels on all sides.  Unfortunately, this planter fell apart as well.  The wooden parts were rotten but the rusty panels were removed and reused.

Re-Arranging the Junk Garden Planters

Junk Garden Planter Idea organizedclutter.net
As I said in a previous blog post, I don't get all new, old junk every garden season so I add a few new pieces and re-locate the old stuff.  Above is a super cool rusty junky spring wreath made for me by my sister in law, Kris, and a half barrel on my deck with coffee pot planters on stakes.  These past junk garden plantings were changed up for 2017.

My New Junk Garden Shed

Late last summer, I purchased a  Princeton 10' x 10' shed kit from Home Depot.  My husband put the kit together with a few reinforcements to the floor and door to make it stronger.  
 The shed sat all winter unpainted and un-landscaped.
Here is the shed early this spring.

Mandala Stenciled Bistro Table for the Deck

 A couple years ago, I purchased this little rustic bistro set at the neighbor's garage sale.

Changing Up the Junk Garden Vignettes

Junk Garden Vignettes organizedclutter.net
How do I make different junk garden displays every year (or every other) to keep it interesting? Reuse the same pieces with different pieces and flowers.  See how  my barn door with pot lids and coffeepot planters on stakes become a new vignette.

Early June Junk Garden Changes & Progress

Planting Day in the Junk Garden organizedclutter.net
On May 28th, I planted my 2017 junk garden.

Early June Junk Garden organizedclutter.net
This is my junk garden border on June 7th.

A Comfortable, Vintage, Covered Patio

Ivy & Cretan Brake Fern Shaded on the Porch orgnanizedclutter.net
Join me on the covered patio!  Do you remember my white DIY flower urn from thrift shop parts?  It's on the covered patio with an ivy cascading over the brim.  I found a plastic liner pot that fit perfectly in the urn so I didn't have to put the dirt directly into it.  
The galvanized vase, also a thrift shop purchase, holds a Cretan Brake Fern.  
The magnetic, galvanized roses are made by Darice.  I purchased them at a local drug store but they are available online at ebay.
The fern mister is also a thrift shop purchase!
I have had the weathered buggy wheel forever, and it is one of my favorite backdrops.

A Junk Garden "Gallery" Fence

I always love garden backdrops and this section of chippy white fence is perfect for a junk garden.

Nicotiana And My Rustic Garden Wheelbarrow

I've had this old wheelbarrow for close to 20 years.  I paid $15 for it at a garage sale.  I treat the wood with THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Wood Protector every couple years to make the old wood last as long as possible.  You can also brush or spray Thompson's on handles of garden tools as well.  
This is my newly planted wheelbarrow 2017.

Planting The Junk Garden Border 2017

Newly Planted Junk Garden organizedclutter.net
It's so hard to believe that this late May assortment of junk and mixture of bedding plants and perennials becomes a beauty every year.

Thrift Shop Mirrored Planter Box Up-Cycle with Paint, Stencils & a Drawer Pull

 My project starts with this thrift shop mirrored planter box.  

When I'm lucky the mirror can be easily removed for painting but on this one, it was not the case.  I didn't tape it off either.  I used a very fine bristled artist brush to carefully and slowly paint along the mirror.   I brushed on two coats of DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Relic.

Planting My First Junk Garden of 2017

I purchased this old table at the thrift shop for $5.  I really didn't want the table, I wanted the heavy metal base.  I didn't even care that it was rusty.

Thrift Shop Chair Upcycle with Fusion Mineral Paint & Old Sign Stencils

I found this vintage chair at the thrift shop last week.  
First I sprayed it with Rust-Oleum Zinsser Bulls Eye Clear Shellac Spray .  The shellac will prevent any bleed through of old stain.

Outdoor "Farmhouse" Barn Door Sign/Planter Box with Old Sign Stencils

 I purchased this partial barn door with awesome rusty hardware last year at a local consignment shop.  It was a rustic backdrop last season to some of my container gardens.  

Outdoor Vintage Junk Decor

Isn't this a fun little shelf?  I found it last month at Jackson's Icebox Antiques & Collectibles, a favorite little occasional, local shop.  It's so rustic.  It fits perfectly in this spot on my covered patio.  Now let's do some styling!

Fuchsias, Creeping Jenny & Galvanized Pail Planters

When I get ready for our cold Minnesota winter, I don't empty my galvanized pails or put them in storage.  The washtubs, pails and mop buckets sit in a row on my deck, with snow cover from December through mid April.

Rummage Sale Footstool Up-Cycle & Repurpose

 This is an antique purchase from a garage sale last summer.  I think it was a footstool as there were nail or tack holes on the top shelf front and back.

Thrift Shop Enamelware Tissue Holder to Herb Planter

I purchased this enamelware tissue holder at the thrift shop last week.  I did a little research to see if it was rare or somewhat valuable before I transformed it.  I didn't find any currently listed on ebay or etsy,  or sold on ebay for any big prices.  Anyway, I didn't plan to put tissues in it.  

Thrift Shop Jewelry Mannequin Up-cycle

This jewelry mannequin had been in the thrift shop for quite a while.  I really never gave it a second thought until:  

Vintage Thrift Shop Two Tiered Table Up-Cycle

I found this sweet little two tiered table at the thrift shop last week.  It has some water damage and the top tier was a little warped but it had possibilities.  It was made by Mersman, a midcentury table company.

Thrift Shop Shelf Upcycle with Hardware Cloth

This little homemade shelf was a recent purchase at the Littlefork Thrift Shop.  It was quite rough plywood except for the back which was a smooth shiny piece of wall paneling.  I removed the paneling back.

Rummage Sale Clock Repurpose

My project today begins with a homemade wooden clock face that I purchased at a rummage sale for $1.

Up-cycled Midcentury Metal Plant Stand

I purchased this little black metal plant stand at a rummage sale two weeks ago.

Thrift Shop Wall Magazine Holder to Family File Organizer

I don't find wooden wall magazine racks very often at the local thrift shop.  This one was probably from a waiting area in an office or clinic.  I thought it had some possibilities so I picked it up.

Thrift Shop Cutting Board Repurpose

You know I always pick up inexpensive cutting boards when I find them, and this one was no exception.  It's quite plain, not very thick and when I looked at it I saw a HANG TAG.
First, I painted the cutting board with one coat of Dutch Boy Chalky Paint in Antiquated Lace. This paint is not pre-mixed. I distressed the thin coat of chalk paint with with 220 grit sandpaper.  

Rummage Sale & Thrift Shop Items Get a Decor Makeover

My first project today begins with this pretty simple little wood box with 2  Home Depot Stickers and  a rope handle.  I think I paid under $1 for this item at a garage sale.

A New Acquisition For the Flower Garden

New Wrought Iron Garden Finds organizedclutter.net
I traveled a hundred miles yesterday to attend a large rummage/craft sale in the Sanford Center in Bemidji, Minnesota.  

$5 Decor with Thrift Shop Cracker Tray & Dollar Tree Succulents

Earlier this week, I found this vintage (mid century) wooden cracker serving tray.  The center handle will fold down if you wish to fill the tray with saltines or Ritz crackers all the way across.  Since this stain had a possibility of bleeding through chalk paint, I sprayed the piece before painting with Rust-Oleum Zinsser 408 Bulls Eye Clear Shellac Spray 12 oz.

Next I spray painted the cracker tray with two coats of Krylon K04108000 Chalky Finish Spray Paint, Colonial Ivory, 12 Ounce.  I distressed the edges with 220 grit sandpaper after the piece was dry.  I sealed the paint with Krylon 51313 Satin Finish Crystal Clear Interior and Exterior Top Coat - 11 oz. Aerosol

Thrift Shop Wall Candle Sconce to Stylish Twine Holder

My project started out with this cream colored thrift shop wall sconce.  I purchased a 7/8" x 36" dowel at a local craft shop.  If you can find a pine dowel, it will be easier to complete this project rather than a hardwood.  Dowels are available at most craft shops or lumber yards.

Rustic Boho Mandala Sign with Rough Sawn Fence Boards

I just love the Mandala stencil from DecoArt.   I have the 10" x 10" size from Home Depot.  You can also get a DecoArt Mandala stencil in 12" x 12"  and 18" x 18".  I think of the Mandala as a doily, but it is a very trendy design in the Boho decorating.

Easy Easter Decor With A Thrift Shop Stool & Tissue Paper Decoupage

Last minute Easter decor with a simple three legged, small wooden stool from the thrift shop.

DIY Planter Urns from Thrift Shop Finds

 I found this metal flowerpot at a local thrift shop recently.

Free Large Wooden Spoon & Fork Upcycle

Oops!  I almost forgot to take a "Before" pic of this wooden 26" spoon and fork my mom salvaged for me from the garbage when one of her fellow tenants moved out of the apartment building.  As you can see, I am painting the spoon and fork white.  To be exact, I am painting the wooden spoon and fork with Fusion Paint (Champlain)

Decor Ideas for Flower Lovers

 I got this package of floral napkins from my mom a couple nights ago.  I have been wanting to try napkin decoupage on rough sawn boards ever since seeing a post from Sweet Pickins blog.

Dated Thrift Shop Purchases to Decorative Wall Pockets

My first thrift shop makeover is this Early American style wall planter with brass insert.

Two Thrift Shop Finds Become Easter Decor

I purchased this standing wooden cross and basket at the thrift shop yesterday.

Galvanized Envelope Wall Organizer

These galvanized "envelopes" were a part of my Midwinter Rummage Sale Haul in January.  I paid a buck a piece for mine, but similar ones are available at Target for $9.99 each.
I had another glued end board (1" x 12" x 48) from Menard's on hand.

Round Up of Cutting Board/Breadboard Projects

I have never met a cutting board/breadboard that I didn't like...

Unless of course it was TOO expensive.

Here is a round up of my cutting board projects to date from Rummage Sale/Thrift Shop Finds:

Thrift Shop Cutting Board Re-Purpose/Up-Cycles organizedclutter.net