Junk Garden Before & Afters 2017

2017 Junk Garden Before & After Photos organizedclutter.net
I think this garden before photo is the most dramatic.  This little bed started out like this last May.  The metal pedestal under the laundry tub was salvaged from a restaurant/bar type formica table purchased at the thrift shop.  Flowers in this laundry tub include Euphorbia Diamond Frost, sweet potato vines, a yellow double calibrachoa, Butterfly Marguerite daisies, and pink zonal geraniums.
The ground level has more Marguerite daisies, pink seed geraniums, white alyssum and pink lantana.

Garage Sale Stool Makeovers with Plaid Shirt from Old Sign Stencils

For some reason, I always pick up little stools at rummage sales and thrift shops.  I want to try out a new stencil from Old Sign Stencils called Plaid Shirt.  These little stools that I picked up for a dollar or two will be great practice pieces.
To prevent any stain bleed through, I sprayed the two stools with Zinsser Clear Shellac Spray

Junk Garden Vignette with Garage Sale Finds

Here's another garage sale item that I found recently.  It's spent some time outdoors so the paint is very worn on the seat.  Not as much on the back.  Blueberries have been hand painted on the little chair.

A Fixer Upper Junk Garden Plant Stand

A Junk Garden Fixer Upper Plant Stand www.organizedclutter.net
 This little plant stand was for sale at my friend's parents garage sale.  Since I helped with the sale, I was able to take a few things free (it was only priced $1) to upcycle.  
Here, I am brushing on a coat of vinegar and steel wool stain.

Organized Clutter's 2017 JUNK GARDEN Photo Tour & Video

Welcome to my annual junk garden tour!   
There were times I was discouraged about this year's tour...  We had an unusually wet and cool spring and early summer, but it has turned around some, and I am happy to share my tour.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom and see the garden video!
Organized Clutter's 2017 Junk Garden Tour & Video organizedclutter.net
  Lets start the tour here at this small flower bed next to the driveway.  Earlier this year I found a Formica table with a metal base at the thrift shop.  I discarded the table top and added a board and then a laundry tub to give this bed some vertical height.  See this bed at planting time here.

An Upcycle of a Thrift Shop Upcycle

 I purchased this pitcher plaque at the thrift shop for a couple bucks.

Upcycled Thrift Shop Pitcher Plaque organizedclutter.net
I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and stenciled it with "Flowers" in French and added a little shelf.  I liked the finished project but was never happy with the light blue paint showing through on the sandpaper distressed edges.  So I re-painted the whole thing with Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Chiffon Cream.  This time I didn't sand the edges to distress, I used my FolkArt Layering Block and Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in Walnut Noyer .  Details on the layering block are here.

YARD of FLOWERS 2017 Garden Tour

A Junk Garden Tour From the Yard of Flower organizedclutter.net
The Yard of Flowers is my sister in law Kris's yard and gardens.  As you can see, Kris, like me, is a junk gardener.  I love how the rusty fencing, turquoise container, galvanized pitcher and stencil all mix so freely with both zinnias, cosmos and hydrangea.

A Junk Garden Makeover for a Dated Birdhouse Planter

A Junk Garden Makeover for a Dated Birdhouse Planter organizedclutter.net
This cutesy country birdhouse planter was at a neighborhood rummage sale on Friday.  It was priced at $2.  

Succulents in a Junk Garden

Growing Succulents in a Junk Garden organizedclutter.net
This photo of a small garden area next to my deck was taken June 9th, 2017, about a week after planting.  Several varieties of annual and perennial sedums, and sweet alyssum make up the majority of the planting.  I also purchased a $13 plastic succulent basket with a variety of different plants.

2017 Covered Patio Summer Decor Video

I was hoping to video my junk garden tour this year or at least part of it.

Today I am practicing with a short video of my covered patio area.  I shared still photos of my covered patio here, but I hope you will click on the video and see the changes since June.  The video is under two minutes.

2007 Organized Clutter Covered Patio Decor

My annual junk garden tour and my sister in law's Yard of Flowers tour is coming very soon!

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The Prettiest Window Box in Town 2017

The prettiest window box in my town is not mine!  It's my sister in law Kris's.

Cousin Sue's Blooming Place Tour

Cousin Sue's Blooming Place Tour organizedclutter.net
Today I am sharing my cousin Susan's flower border and container gardens.  While Susan is not a junk gardener, she has a real knack for garden design and art.  I hope you enjoy the tour!

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview

Junk Garden Tour Sneak Preview 2017 organizedclutter.net
It seems like I have complained about the weather almost all spring and now summer!  It's been wet, and it's been cool, and it's been cloudy.  While I think the perennials may have enjoyed the extra moisture, I think my annuals would have preferred more heat and sun.  
Today, my very first Asiatic Lily bud opened, so I will be sharing my 2017 garden tour very soon.   Here is a sneak preview of some of the flowers and junk too!

Buffalo Check Desktop & Upcycled Jewelry Holders

 This simple farmhouse-style desk was in my youngest daughter's room.  I recently gave it some personality!

Fun Junk Garden Vignettes from the Yard of Flowers

Junky Garden Vignettes organizedclutter.net
 Finally, we are getting some warm weather and sunshine again here in northern Minnesota.  Our annuals still need to do some growing before the 2017 garden tours, but for today I am sharing some awesome junk garden vignettes at my sister in law Kris's house!  This is my HAPPY PLACE too!  Galvanized bucket and gym locker baskets!  Love!

Progress in the Junk Garden July 1st

Junk Garden Summer Progression organizedclutter.net
Back on May 28th, I planted and diagrammed my front yard junk garden border.  Early on in June the weather was ideal, but as the month progressed, it got cooler and much wetter.  The perennials seem to be thriving but the warm weather annuals are slow to grow.

Buffalo Check Your Junk Garden 4th Of July

My only 4th of July blog post for 2017 begins with this vintage blue gas can.  I pulled it out of my shed.   It was originally purchased at a rummage sale for $1.
With my success stenciling a buffalo check pattern on a vintage minnow pail planter, I decided to try stenciling on this gas can.

Buffalo Check Garden Junk Planter

I love planting annuals in metal pails.  If you are familiar with old metal minnow buckets, there is the outside like this and an inside water strainer part.  Both can be planted in.  I purchased this bucket for $5. 
 As you can see it has some dings and fragments of red paint in spots from a painted label.  I washed the outside surface with a wet rag and KRUD KUTTER Tough Task Remover. Krud Kutter removes any grease or dirt that may cause problems with paint adherence. 

Junk Garden Containers Around The Deck

Wow, it's June 25th and our northern Minnesota weather continues to be very cool and either rainy or mostly cloudy.
 This is the view from my kitchen window today. The potted annuals haven't changed much since being planted.

Dairy Farm Stanchion Junk Garden Decor

One of my latest junk garden purchases is a old dairy farm stanchion.  A stanchion held a cow in place while being milked.

YARD of FLOWERS Junky Purple Coneflowers

Sometimes garden junk falls apart.  Sometimes it's sad, but thankfully sometimes it's not because broken junk can become something even better.
Here is a old nail barrel in my sister in law Kris's garden from a few years back.  The bottom had rotted out of it.

 And here is a rustic white wooden planter that Kris had added some junky rusty metal panels on all sides.  Unfortunately, this planter fell apart as well.  The wooden parts were rotten but the rusty panels were removed and reused.

Re-Arranging the Junk Garden Planters

Junk Garden Planter Idea organizedclutter.net
As I said in a previous blog post, I don't get all new, old junk every garden season so I add a few new pieces and re-locate the old stuff.  Above is a super cool rusty junky spring wreath made for me by my sister in law, Kris, and a half barrel on my deck with coffee pot planters on stakes.  These past junk garden plantings were changed up for 2017.

My New Junk Garden Shed

Late last summer, I purchased a  Princeton 10' x 10' shed kit from Home Depot.  My husband put the kit together with a few reinforcements to the floor and door to make it stronger.  
 The shed sat all winter unpainted and un-landscaped.
Here is the shed early this spring.

Mandala Stenciled Bistro Table for the Deck

 A couple years ago, I purchased this little rustic bistro set at the neighbor's garage sale.

Changing Up the Junk Garden Vignettes

Junk Garden Vignettes organizedclutter.net
How do I make different junk garden displays every year (or every other) to keep it interesting? Reuse the same pieces with different pieces and flowers.  See how  my barn door with pot lids and coffeepot planters on stakes become a new vignette.

Early June Junk Garden Changes & Progress

Planting Day in the Junk Garden organizedclutter.net
On May 28th, I planted my 2017 junk garden.

Early June Junk Garden organizedclutter.net
This is my junk garden border on June 7th.

A Comfortable, Vintage, Covered Patio

Ivy & Cretan Brake Fern Shaded on the Porch orgnanizedclutter.net
Join me on the covered patio!  Do you remember my white DIY flower urn from thrift shop parts?  It's on the covered patio with an ivy cascading over the brim.  I found a plastic liner pot that fit perfectly in the urn so I didn't have to put the dirt directly into it.  
The galvanized vase, also a thrift shop purchase, holds a Cretan Brake Fern.  
The magnetic, galvanized roses are made by Darice.  I purchased them at a local drug store but they are available online at ebay.
The fern mister is also a thrift shop purchase!
I have had the weathered buggy wheel forever, and it is one of my favorite backdrops.

A Junk Garden "Gallery" Fence

I always love garden backdrops and this section of chippy white fence is perfect for a junk garden.

Nicotiana And My Rustic Garden Wheelbarrow

I've had this old wheelbarrow for close to 20 years.  I paid $15 for it at a garage sale.  I treat the wood with THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Wood Protector every couple years to make the old wood last as long as possible.  You can also brush or spray Thompson's on handles of garden tools as well.  
This is my newly planted wheelbarrow 2017.

Planting The Junk Garden Border 2017

Newly Planted Junk Garden organizedclutter.net
It's so hard to believe that this late May assortment of junk and mixture of bedding plants and perennials becomes a beauty every year.

Thrift Shop Mirrored Planter Box Up-Cycle with Paint, Stencils & a Drawer Pull

 My project starts with this thrift shop mirrored planter box.  

When I'm lucky the mirror can be easily removed for painting but on this one, it was not the case.  I didn't tape it off either.  I used a very fine bristled artist brush to carefully and slowly paint along the mirror.   I brushed on two coats of DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Relic.

Planting My First Junk Garden of 2017

I purchased this old table at the thrift shop for $5.  I really didn't want the table, I wanted the heavy metal base.  I didn't even care that it was rusty.

Thrift Shop Chair Upcycle with Fusion Mineral Paint & Old Sign Stencils

I found this vintage chair at the thrift shop last week.  
First I sprayed it with Rust-Oleum Zinsser Bulls Eye Clear Shellac Spray .  The shellac will prevent any bleed through of old stain.

Outdoor "Farmhouse" Barn Door Sign/Planter Box with Old Sign Stencils

 I purchased this partial barn door with awesome rusty hardware last year at a local consignment shop.  It was a rustic backdrop last season to some of my container gardens.  

Outdoor Vintage Junk Decor

Isn't this a fun little shelf?  I found it last month at Jackson's Icebox Antiques & Collectibles, a favorite little occasional, local shop.  It's so rustic.  It fits perfectly in this spot on my covered patio.  Now let's do some styling!

Fuchsias, Creeping Jenny & Galvanized Pail Planters

When I get ready for our cold Minnesota winter, I don't empty my galvanized pails or put them in storage.  The washtubs, pails and mop buckets sit in a row on my deck, with snow cover from December through mid April.

Rummage Sale Footstool Up-Cycle & Repurpose

 This is an antique purchase from a garage sale last summer.  I think it was a footstool as there were nail or tack holes on the top shelf front and back.